One of the best things about getting the Collector’s Edition of a game or, if you feel the need, pre-order a game, is the steelbook case it comes with. Over time, publishers caught on to the hot commodity and have released better steelbook case designs over the years, making them an essential for game collectors. Here’s a quick look at my own personal stash and what I think of silky smooth cases.

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  1. So it's basically a premium plastic case right? No steel, no metal… thanks for saving me some dollars.

  2. Hey at least Naughty Dog put the name on the spine for the steel book, Spider man on PS4 didnt even do that 🙁 Steel books really are awesome though, nice video. If you're interested I also have a similar video going over my steel books.

  3. I'm getting the new Avengers game delux edition and that comes with a steel book can't wait 😊😊😍🙏🏻

  4. When you live in places like hawaii, steelbook cases suck ass. I dont know how they still make steelbook cases when a good portion of people live in humidity where metal rusts

  5. I don’t like these because when I try to get out the disc I feel like it’s gonna break. The disc that is

  6. I got some steelbooks I love them they look so much better than the main case
    Zaklinac 3,Bloodborne, AC 3, Far cry primal, Horizon zero dawn, Sekiro, AC origins, AC Odyssey, GTA 5, The crew 2, God of war, Dark souls 3, Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2, Crash Bandicoot, Watch Dogs 2, AC unity, Doom, Far cry 5, AC syndicate, AC Black Flag, Batman arkham knight, Dark souls 2, Shadow of war, Tekken 7, Far cry 4.

  7. Are these cases actually made out of a metal material, such as titanium or something? Or is the word "steel" in there for looks and the metalic look?

  8. Game sent me a steel book with my red dead redemption 2
    I don’t think I bought the steel book edition but I ain’t complaining

  9. I have a steelbook case of Fallout 76.
    And I love the case but how can I make my own steelbook case of my own games that I made and what is it made out of?

  10. I only have a Spider-Man steelbook with all red and white spider on the front but I didn’t like with scratches because is annoying to see them :/

  11. I recently saw a copy of Elder Scrolls in steelbook, I like having a physical copy and when it's something collectable, it's nice.

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