Why I was kicked from the EA Game Changers Program….

Just wanted to inform y’all and keep you in the loop with things that may potentially affect this channel.

NGL, this definitely changes things as we move forward. EA Game Changers was the best opportunity of my life and I’m so blessed I was ever even a part of it 😊

.̻̺̭̲̺.̸̩͇̗̥̕.̨̹̩̭͙̹͚̣̝ͅ.̫̺̝̜̘̝̟͘H̭͓̙͢E̶͖̞̹̥͞L͈̞Ļ̵̮̳͚̲̬̯̘O̡̫͉͡ .̨̛̬̺̫̝̟.̶̤͔͕͇̪̻̥̖.͏̷̥̲.͢͜͏̯̪̘͕.̸̡͇̣.̻̺̭̲̺.̸̩͇̗̥̕.̨̹̩̭͙̹͚̣̝ͅ.̫̺̝̜̘̝̟͘H̭͓̙͢E̶͖̞̹̥͞L͈̞Ļ̵̮̳͚̲̬̯̘O̡̫͉͡ .̨̛̬̺̫̝̟.̶̤͔͕͇̪̻̥̖.͏̷̥̲.͢͜͏̯̪̘͕.̸̡͇̣.̻̺̭̲̺.̸̩͇̗̥̕.̨̹̩̭͙̹͚̣̝ͅ.̫̺̝̜̘̝̟͘H̭͓̙͢E̶͖̞̹̥͞L͈̞Ļ̵̮̳͚̲̬̯̘O̡̫͉͡ .̨̛̬̺̫̝̟.̶̤͔͕͇̪̻̥̖.͏̷̥̲.͢͜͏̯̪̘͕.̸̡͇̣

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40 thoughts on “Why I was kicked from the EA Game Changers Program….

  1. Just wanted to update y'all about me whole situation. Nope. I don't expect sympathy. And nope, I did not deserve another chance because I had broken smaller rules earlier too so I own up everything that happened. I have already moved on lollll

  2. Oh no!!! what will you ever do, your no longer a paid shill and can finally give an honest review to an EA game now. Shocker!!!

  3. Hey FutFreak!I love your vids,do you know that tutorial on how to install fifa 16 mobile.I did everything you did and when I open up the game it just says 'Download failed beacuse you may have not purchased this app' HELP PLZ

  4. Bro #EA is not ur higher level…U deserve more than EA, so chill… Little incidents happens in Big cities 😉, but I would like to say one thing that is EA is not ethical towards their USERS, they forget basic ethics. They consumed many #Rewards, and when I complained, they did not accept their faults.

  5. I still remember the time when you used to have that ball and you used to video's on it 🙂
    Also keep up the amazing work. EA just want's people like Bateson and Stodpe as they never say anything against EA.
    Also you could try to get the coins you need from a coins website as in what BGS does.
    Keep the work and hope EA does bring you back…
    You were the only one I actually watched. Stopde is boring as he is really cringe and just gets everything he needs from EA.
    Follower from FIFA 17 🙂

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