Ultimate Resource Gathering Guide [How I gather 30M+ resources a day in Rise of Kingdoms]

Our most comprehensive guide on resource gathering in Rise of Kingdoms – following this guidance we gather over 30 million resources a day.

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— Chapters —
0:00 Ultimate Resource Gathering Guide
1:38 Tips for Gathering FAST
3:16 Gathering Gems
7:44 Gathering Commanders
10:44 Use Universals on Constance
11:49 Should I use Versatility Commanders?
12:12 Gathering Talent Builds
16:01 Experience Tomes on Gathering Commanders
17:09 Joan of Arc
18:09 Equipment for Gathering
23:14 Should I make farm?

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23 thoughts on “Ultimate Resource Gathering Guide [How I gather 30M+ resources a day in Rise of Kingdoms]

  1. Question even if I have access to higher level Siege units should I just stick to only level ones and forgo all other units? If not what is your cutoff point for siege upgrades? Thanks Chisgule.

  2. I am in a bad situation where the King demanded our Leader to give him Leadership and ownership of our Alliance or everyone gets zeroed. So we fought the King and his Goons and lost badly. We were forced to flee and join various alliances in different zones. Also the King placed Titles on some of us, including me I now have the Fool title. So now everyday a 53 Million Power and a 26 Million power player tries to zero me. I'm only 11 Million power and my farm is 6 million so I don't know what to do. Do you have any advice please?

  3. This is so epic I will definitely use this guide you earned my sub but how can I get stronger and grow without sending real money on the game I m just a broke 14 year

  4. Yet another EPIC guide, Chis! I've already done most of things you said in the guide, except pairing the commanders manually, I let the system decide those so far but perhaps I should start doing that as well! as for the farm account…I have always been on the fence about it (no doubt it does help), I feel like the game starts to become a chore when I'm managing another city not to mention I also need to make sure that it is safe, it does not get plundered, it is in my sights, I have to swap back and forth to get resources etc etc (just my opinion). Honestly, I am gathering tons of resources in my main city and I am creating an "Iron Bank" of resources (in my inventory) that I NEVER tap into unless it is absolutely necessary – this way I have an eever-growing resource pool & yes I do fight on the fields A LOT so I do consume a ton of resources as well. It has been working flawlessly so far. n__n

  5. I took my level 40 5,5,5,5 Joan out for a test. At the troop select screen I have +255% gathering speed, and 50.5% load. Gather talent tree maxed. Machinery at 9, Carriage at 7. Enhanced Gathering, and some Alliance Techs maxed. I took 1 T4 siege with a load of 39, and gathered Food RSS in less than 1 sec. I took 10 T4 siege, got 391 RSS in 3 sec. Used basic math to come to the conclusion:
    Using five queues with 100,000 T4 Siege combined does a load of 3,910,000 in 1 hr, 50 min. So, if you're on a timer, in 20 hours you could easily pick up 40M RSS. If you went reset to reset, adding another 1/5 of 40M to make it simple, you could get 48M RSS in 24 hours. With a Rune, equipment, commander/R4/King titles, it's completely feasible to gather well over 50M+ RSS between resets. With MGE coming up, might have to give it a try…

  6. Hey Chis, you working out or what? You're looking beefier in the traps and shoulders. Great vid as always.

  7. i think Constance DOES come in chests… i started playing last night. and i did only 5 expeditions. used the gold to buy 1 joan of arc statue. and i have a lvl 10 constance.

  8. which is better/faster to focus gather specific type of resources or focus gathering base on commander gathering type?

  9. Hello. I'm not sure how recent of a change but Constance is available from keys. I started a few weeks ago and was able to pull and level her skills without buying from the expedition store.

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