This game really appeals to the male fantasy. [Maggot Baits] Part: 2

The writers of this game might need therapy.

What is up people? Itz ya boiz, Mighty Hysterical, coming at you with another cringeworthy video. We are finally back from a break that lasted to long. I (Jadon) am currently employed full time and I livestream on twitch on the side. Cameron is a full time student, so our schedules can be a bit wonky. There is currently no schedule, but if that changes, it’ll be added here. We love you beautiful people!

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4 thoughts on “This game really appeals to the male fantasy. [Maggot Baits] Part: 2

  1. "I thought they would build up to this and give us a softball for the first episode"
    Guys, trust me, this IS the softball. This IS the easy build up. This isnt even close to shit that happens later

  2. I love what you wrote in description , giving the fact that you didn’t see litteraly nothing of this visual novel

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