The TRUTH About the EA Gamechanger Program

This isn’t a hit piece on the character of all EA Gamechangers but a piece designed to show the fundamental flaw with a program created in such a way as to reward those that push an agenda while simultaneously claiming objectivity which cannot possibly exist.

Don’t use this as a lightning rod to harass anyone… but programs like this… they aren’t good for the industry at large.








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24 thoughts on “The TRUTH About the EA Gamechanger Program

  1. ehh if gggman jumped the gun does matter. Cause than it be a lie that he was removed. So in that regard does matter. however the rest well done and such.

  2. Some game changers are surprisingly honest albeit in an exceeding polite way when they and the community are pushed far enough… I dare not be anymore specific for fear of repercussions on their part.

  3. I don't believe it was properly explained why Game Changers is a bad thing? I believe the point to make about why Game Changers could be bad is the advantage it gives to medium to large sized channels above smaller channels trying to build their communities. Without exclusive content and early release, non game changers are always going to be behind those who get these perks, sometimes by weeks or months when new content is released. It's growing a selection of people's influence, creating an elite, whilst potentially dampening opportunities for growth for others. The Game Changer tag is not a signpost of quality content, it's just a signpost for potentially exclusive content. This is not a community driver, it is manipulative and damaging to those who cannot compete with individuals with this tag.

  4. A lot of the battlefield 'gamechangers' are also some of the most vocally deriding dice EA for such a poor, contentless BFV.

  5. I have a friend who is an EA Game Changer youtuber. He makes content for CnC Rivals the mobile game & some other games too but mostly focus on CnC stuff. He always speaks his mind & makes good content, hes told me that EA have never interfered with his content & its pretty obvious they havent given the nature of some of his content (critical analysis of the game). Hes not a huge youtuber or anything so maybe its different depending on which game you focus on or how much viewers you have

  6. I know it isn't your typical video, however I would enjoy you doing a synopsis of the "rise and fall" of EA in the industry and consumer perception of the company. Also, you rekt lauren so hard that she made an ass out of you and me…lol get it?

  7. EA used a word technicality with the "blacklisted" thing aswell, he was probably suspended, removed but NOT blacklisted. Also, you can't spell blacklisted without EA!

  8. UEG ive found a home on this channel. for the honesty, for the information, for the logic. live long and prosper friend.

  9. Why are you running around on the ground while playing a storm on what is clearly not a GM difficulty. You literally get beaten over the head about why doing this is stupid. Reading is clearly very hard for you.

  10. "Do not use this as an excuse to harass anyone, ever." I appreciate the sentiment…but if you're literally a soulless corporate shill you should be bullied a little. By a little I mean a fuckin' whole hell of a lot.

  11. EAB*tchmaker program oh shoot ,can't say that …unless i want a bunch of 9 year olds justifying how great it is to feed a money hungry shit show of a "company' EA is.Utter fucking greedy trash who are willing to twist and bend whatever they need to get more money.Gamechanger is no better of a scam and the utter dictatorship of this company in limiting honest feedback is something the world needs to get through their thick skulls.The only way to stop this is to not play and to not buy. Honestly at this point,people who defend this shit isn't anything else but a dog to EA that they can command around to bite whoever even dares to speak ill of this godforsaken trash heap of a company.

  12. i mean anyone with a brain will see what game changer program is and what it stands for so…don't stress it.

  13. I paid 60 dollars for anthem all I want is to play the game now and then yes the content is not nearly what 6 years should have been… but damn the day one patch broke my entire game now I get 5-7 frames even longer loading screens my frames drop in the damn loading screen now which make them even longer and now my cpu usage goes to 100% every single time I am just so done with this…

  14. There needs to be a word for the opposite of "shill", i.e. people who make money by tearing things apart. Because it is stupidly easy for people to make money hating on anything these days. Negative reviews and drama content is always inherently more entertaining than positive or optimistic content. And you can spot the channels that cash in on negativity a mile away. They're the ones with the clickbaity titles like "Game is FALLING APART" or "Movie AUTOPSY, WHAT WENT WRONG?!?!"

  15. Bahahahaha pro gamers. Come on. Just play for fun and be done with it. I admit with bs like this it's hard to have fun but still.

  16. EA is a company. A big one. Are you blaming EA for acting as a company? Take a look at any similar company of a comparable size and they do the same shit or worse. Companies need mouthpieces, so they started a mouthpiece program, which pays gamers to grow their channel and gives them access, and since they are a company, they expect a return on investment in the form of goodwill and publicity. When that isn't met, they "fire" them. It's all perfectly logical, and if you cannot see through the veil, you need to study a bit more economy.

  17. Honestly and not to defend EA cause screw them, but these shady moves make sense, why would they want to support those that may cause them to lose profit or give them further bad publicity? Of course they're going to only promote literal shills, heck any corporation would likely do the same.

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