The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.

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36 thoughts on “The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

  1. Smoke DMT. Don't eat meat. Don't hurt nature. Die. Return to the hypersoup of consciousness. Win the game. Repeat ad infinitum.

  2. I disagree with your assertion that vision is a step towards consciousness, in earth's animals it may have been a necessary catalyst for higher states of consciousness to evolve but it is possible to generate an internal representation of the world without sense at a distance. I don't think anyone would suggest a person born blind is not conscious.

  3. This video is entirely subjective. It may explain why and how consciousness evolved, yet all it seems to achieve is to simplify our understanding of consciousness at a very basic level. But, Consciousness is not objectively observable, and this video avoids this fact.

  4. After years of learning and growing,I conclude conscious is a game of experience in which we all play everyday.

  5. Consciousness is not what we are experiencing. Consciousness is… who are having the experience.

    Consciousness is not the experience itself. It is what has the experience. It is what beholds experience.

  6. How animals started : a bacteria accendentally was absorbed by another bacteria creating the first cell that multiplying more and more and creating other animals as it separated but some stuck together making organs or bones or anything

  7. If consciousness is an emergent property of an unconscious physical universe, why are you yourself instead of someone else? Why are you conscious inside that particular body and not inside another one? Why aren't you Mike Tyson or Michael Jordan? There is no reasonable answer. The implication is that consciousness and "you" must be the same thing, rather than you being a body in which consciousness emerges.

  8. The implication is obvious: the universe emerges within consciousness rather than consciousness emerging within a physical universe. This is all dreaming.

  9. Cool. I've just finished a novel series wherein language is examined as an evolutionary and social advantage. Language also acts as a focus, fine tuning our understanding of general ideas and concepts.

  10. Senses, some kind of memory and feedback… the building blocks of consciousness that are outlined in Buddhist theory are quite a good description.

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