The Great Glittery Sock Puppet Palooza (ft. Matt) – 10 Minute Power Hour

Watch these two great men play with some sock puppets for your amusement. Also, Matt’s here.

Matt Watson ►

Music from Stevia Sphere

Dir/shot/edited by Tucker ►

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46 thoughts on “The Great Glittery Sock Puppet Palooza (ft. Matt) – 10 Minute Power Hour

  1. 12:24 anyone who has never watched game grumps explain what’s happening in this shot with the subtitles as context

    As well as 12:48 with subtitles

  2. I know this video is almost two years old now but I’ve recently worked with hot glue and burned myself and my internal dialogue was just the entirety of this video

  3. Arin getting hot glue on himself- F*CK GOD DAMMIT F*CKING F*CK GOD F*CKING DAMMIT F*CKKKKK

    Dan getting hot glue on himself- AH AH OHHHH AH OHHH

  4. "I tell you what, I think theres a little something here between us.
    I think theres something more than peanut farming here "

  5. I can’t believe this video is almost two years old. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this episode specifically.

  6. As a very french fan, Dan and Arin speaking french brought tenderness in my heart. That was very cute, thank you 👌

  7. I forget that Dan knows French.

    Also Matt is so undeniably pretty. I feel like I should say this cuz he's there so I should say something about him too

  8. Everyone thinks Arin is the most chaotic when in fact it is Dan who is the most chaotic. He just lies in wait for the appropriate moment for his chaos to pervade the air, in which his prey has no idea what is happening so he can easily slurp up their life juices, which in turn feeds his chaos.

  9. Arin : F#%?, F#@$, F%%%%%?&!!!
    Dan : Yeah, it's burning hot.
    > One minute later
    Dan : Aaaah! AAAaa! aaaAaaaah! IT'S SO HOT!
    Arin : Yeah. I told you!
    That duality, do you dig it?

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