The BIG MISTAKE That People Make When Fitting A Dog Collar

In this video, Steve is going to show you how to fit a dog collar for leash walking training. Are your struggles with teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash connected with a poorly fit colllar? Fitting your dog’s collar really makes a huge difference when it comes to training. Especially when your goal is to teach your dog to listen when you don’t have a leash on! Most students come into our classes with a collar that can use just a little bit of adjustment, so that they can give their dog great information! Having a well-fitted collar can make a world of difference.

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28 thoughts on “The BIG MISTAKE That People Make When Fitting A Dog Collar

  1. I use simple daygo collars. Also known as tufflex or biothane material. Safe, weatherproof, odor resistant.
    Lol I'm a collar collector as well. But hardly use them on my dogs, because I rather just use a collar for the nameplate and good training.

  2. This might be the most helpful video I’ve watched from you guys so far. I’m a BIG fan of your channel and have been struggling with leash walking my 5 month old boxer/GSD mix. I adjusted his collar to properly fit today and saw a HUGE difference in his response to leash pulses. Thank you and please keep sharing your awesome information!!!

  3. Would you please provide a link to that training collar? I love that its adjustable with the buckle, and can't seem to find one. Thank you, you all are the best!

  4. Please help ! We just got a 6 week old dachshund he just made 7 weeks and we just introduced a collar, when the collar is on he yelps as if he is in pain and he can’t take more than 2-3 steps before he starts yelling again and he try’s to scratch it off with his hind legs, how do we continue to encourage the collar without discouraging him in the process ?

  5. i have a question which is a bit off topic but im getting a 4 month old puppy in 2 weeks. When i’m not home to take him out is it a good idea to leave a plastic grass taped to the floor with pee pads in her little play pen to pee in cause i know she won’t be able to hold it if i leave her in her crate

  6. I have a 5 week old husky puppy and im really struggling with potty training and i cant take him outside because i live an the city in a 4th floor apartment

  7. Hi, nice video 🙂
    I'm from Germany and I've never seen that particular type of collar around here. It seems to be adjustable. We only have flat buckle collars with the regular few holes to adjust the size. Same problem every time: hole number 2 – – > too loose, hole number 3 – – -> too tight.
    Where on the Internet can I buy one of the collars you're showing here on your dog?

  8. I have a Jack Russell and she is 4mounts old she's with us for 2mounts now and she still wee's in the house we go out side 8 times a day but still the same problem what suld we do?Please help us.

  9. i would think that, with little breeds, keeping a flat collar up high, under the ears, there is less chance of injury, like the fit for a dominant dog collar or the pinch collar-high up on the neck.

  10. Have you had/ heard of any dog getting injuries to the neck from using a standard collar? An ill-fitting piece of equipment, or equipment that is used incorrectly, can be harmful even if it is just a flat buckled collar or even a harness. For example, I often see dogs hitting the end of their leash and at the very same moment the person on the other end of the leash pulls back violently so that the dog goes flying through the air.

    To me, keeping my dog free of injuries and able to perform movements with a natural range of motion is even more important than getting quick results with our leash training. Perhaps you have someone on your team or among your contacts that knows a little bit more about the anatomy and physiology of the dog that could go more in depth on these issues? That would be really cool, and not something you see often on youtube.

  11. The only buckles I use are tacti-pup Stainless Steel military-style cobra buckles, you need two hands to unclip it. But you have to be careful when purchasing as some cheap chinese companies use stamped Steel which can also crack and break like plastic.

    Tacti-pup collars are pricey, but awesome! Great video McCann team!

  12. Btw I must say that I’m happy Steve did a collar for training rather than the prongs which I personally not in favour of so thank you again

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