Supermarket Sweep Australia – Number 1 (Incomplete) (NWS-9, 19/2/1992)

Here is an Incomplete Episode of Supermarket Sweep Australia. Find more soon. Supermarket Sweep was a Australian Game TV Series made by Fremantle Telegame Production for the Nine Network. It was hosted by former Price is Right host Ian Turpie. The show was based off a American Game Show of the same name. The Australian Supermarket Sweep stared in 1992 and ended in 1994. Recorded off NWS channel 9 Adelaide on the 19th of February 1992. I found this at my mum’s work on a Maxell E180 VHS Cassette, which was converted to DVD. All rights for this video goes to Nine Network Australia and FremantleMedia Australia. I’m only uploading it for Historical and Nostalgic Purposes and the fact the they don’t show it on TV or DVD. Sorry it’s missing the Half of the show Because they started to record half way during the show to record National Nine News Adelaide, but with there’s old VHS tapes you have to take what you can get. Please tell your friends about my channel and Subscribe. Hooroo! I’m Earnest Briggsy and I speak the truth about Australian TV 😀


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17 thoughts on “Supermarket Sweep Australia – Number 1 (Incomplete) (NWS-9, 19/2/1992)

  1. @1:00 you know you're in a healthy culture that has fresh food and values healthiness when nobody can correctly guess what soft processed cheese in a jar is called.

  2. FremantleMedia just bought the entire rights to the show from the original American creator Al Howard, and are now planning to sell the show globally again.

  3. Funny how this show was Tania Zaetta's first regular gig. Is she embarrassed by it now?

    The final round involved running around, using cryptic clues to find products, and win the grand prize of a Lada car.

    It's not nice to look down on people who may not have had the same kind of education as myself, but I remember thinking that some of the contestants didn't seem that bright.

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