Sports Questions 2019 Compilation – Can You Win!? | Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Test your sports knowledge with the latest batch of sports questions from this years latest season of WWTBAM. How Many did you get right? Comment below.

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37 thoughts on “Sports Questions 2019 Compilation – Can You Win!? | Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  1. So many weird question here. Also, how on earth do you not go for Venus Williams on a girls tennis question, when Serena has been eliminated?

  2. I knew it was Venus Williams because I remember she only dropped one set that whole tournament. Davenport won the Australian open in 2000

  3. First guy = absolute dork. The way he answers is so know-it-all type. Hope he fell at the next hurdle, bloody know it all.

  4. As an American who is also a massive Premier League fan. l got all of them accept the cycling one. To be fair, l know who Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome are. The UK is just so loaded with cycling talent.

  5. What I would do to have that last question for half a million pound, knew it was Venus Williams and would have still had two lifelines for the million pound question 😅

  6. Got them all right, the last one was tough though but needed an educated guess of the Williams’ surgence then dominance of the sport.

  7. I’m disappointed in Jezza for not having corrected the guy saying there were only 2 Rovers, he forgot Doncaster ffs

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