Sploder Platformer Newbie Tutorial Level – Playthrough

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Welcome to the sploder platformer tutorial. I will guide you through the game. Now, press left and right to move, and down to duck. move forward to get that crystal. Now press up to jump. Get the crystal. Space to attack. practice on this sandbag enemy first. now, up ahead is a small enemey. deafeat it. The yellow things are cookies. they give you a bit of extra health. However, below them are medipacks (they give you more heath than cookies.), and a chrystal. Notice how your heath bar went down when you attacted the enemey. Now time for a larger enemey. Up ahead is a teleporter. Go through it to the next level. Now those red blocks are lava. they cause damage when you touch them. Get across them. Now, those green things floating in the lava are pipes. they are slippy, so jump off them quick!

The pink thing is a bouncer. Use it to get over the wall. While on a bouncer, hold up to get a boost. Now, logs bounce about when you walk on them. This item ahead of you is a gun. get it. Shoot whith space and kill this thug. Now this next gun is a blastgun. it can fire three shots at once. After that, collect the railgun. this is an extremley powerful gun which will aim for you. Now, here is a flamethrower. This wall is made of meltblocks. the flamethrower can melt them. Go throgh the teleporter. Now, these capsules are amo. there is a different colour for each gun. use Z to change gun. Now, let’s go through the different enemeys. Up ahead is a ninga who has mad skils! Next is a bat. shoot it down whith the railgun. Next is a snarley, who can breathe fire. Here is a devil called thor. he has a deadly mallot! This next one is small but speedy! Now be careful, as the next enemey has a bow and arrow!

Next is a massive sumari warrior, but a few railgun shots should fix that! The next monster is called george, and he packs a deadly punch! Next is a drone, a flying enemey whith a powerful gun. BE CAREFUL NOW, as Up ahead is a fire troll, the single most deadly enemey in a sploder platformer. Now, here is a section of weak floor, which will crumble underneath you feet. Now here is some ice, which is very slippery. Next is an elevator and then a slider. Now, jump into this water, which you can float in. Up ahead are some ramps and then some stairs. they are basicly the same thing, expt ramps you can slide down. Now these wind malls and then the dynamo will push you around. Cogs will help push you to places, but can also hinder you by pushing you in the oppisite direction. Crates can be pushed to help you climb. The next platform is wobbly, so dont fal into the pit!

Now, folow the string of bouncers. Remember, push up for a boost! Now, that special block infront of you is a switch. it triggers a temporary platform.Next is a different type of switch called a perm switch. It gets rid of(or puts back) the permblocks ahead. Go through, and make them reappear to get across this lava. Then hit the green perm switch to build another bridge. Now here is a jet pack. Hit C to use it. Next is some jet fuel. it enables you to fly for longer. Here is a locked door. fly up and get the key. The glove infront of you is called a power glove. Jump up and press shift to use the arrow keys to move the ball into the switches whith your mind. Now these steamers do a little damage, but push you up. Next are some lasers, which will harm you if they touch you. Shoot at these barrels to make them explode. Then, these spikes will fall an harm you if you go under them. Better get your skates on! Now there are more spikes on the floor. They will harm you if stepped on.

Now try walking into this next wall, called a back wall. Then try going into that whole load of decorated back walls! Now, this next item alows you to grab hold of things using shift. Use the X key to change tool. Now, these are grenades. space to throw them. This next door is a autodoor. it opens automaticly. The next door is a touch door. it opens on touch. now, use all the weapons you have learnt to defeat George. Now, ahead is a touch floor. It opens by touch. Fall through it. Now, these back walls enable you to go underground. It gets dark underground. You can make light by utilising certain items. Here is an atomic, which makes you stronger than normal, and some armor. When you have a sheild selected as your tool, you can use shift to defend. Defeat this enemy. here is a torch. it gives out light. Now, use the cogs to climb back up to the surface, and we can move on to glitches.

First glitch: You can jump through a ramp or stair tile from the back try it now! Second glich: If you atack a wall with a sorwd, you can climb up the wall. This only works on certain blocks. Now, Jump into the escape pod to finish!

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