Slovenian Lover | Top 5 Slovenian Stereotypes – Episode 3

In episode 03 of Slovenian Lover Rok Terkaj – Trkaj will talk about the top 5 slovenian stereotypes.

Slovenian Lover is the show that promotes Slovenia (Slovenija) and its beauties all around the world. Our goal is that one billion of people will know where Slovenia is:) Thank you for your support, share, comments and subscription.
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We built Slovenian House Vida with the love of our country that lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst. We exist to allow guests from around the world to experience how it feels to live in Slovenia.


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42 thoughts on “Slovenian Lover | Top 5 Slovenian Stereotypes – Episode 3

  1. Your charm is irresistible!!😁 You look energetic.💪 You have a great smile. I love you!!😘
    Someday, I wanna go to Slovenia, beautiful country! Having friends from other cultures makes me more creative. In fresh ways about space and how people create their own world and environment. It is best way to connect between creative thinking and cross-cultural relationships

  2. I love your country so much so I started learning Slovenian online. I am from Azerbaijan. I have a question to ask you. Do Slovenians have xenophobia? Ij ust heard something about it

  3. To niso stereotipi, to so realne hibe majhnega naroda s kompleksom inferiorne superiornosti (Laibach). Zadnja obravnavana pa je precej klasična za vse Slovane.

  4. aghhh i hate it when Slovenians try to talk in English it makes me so annoyed like aghhh i hate that accent (sm iz slovenije.. tko da.. no shade

  5. Dude, the alcohol stereotype is 100 percent #TRUTH !!! ALL of my Slovene family (exactly 1/2) drinks like a fish (except my mom, who used to get a buzz sniffing a wine cork, LMAO).

  6. i dont think that the neigbour stereotype is correct.
    if my house would be on fire, im pretty sure my neigbours would help. in my village we also give each other meat and wine products we make as a gift and i think that the neigbour slovenian stereotype is a stereotype of other people about slovenians.

  7. Hey guy you're really funny and I started falling in love with Slovenia by your nice videos!! I like you so much, keep on doing! I will visit your country this summer.

  8. Good video. I tried to tell my Slovenian girlfriend about the early rising stereotype. She said "It's only 2pm, let me sleep." Guess she's the exception.
    I've noticed the drinking, the envy and the obsessions with cars since I've lived here. Not so much the extremes though.

  9. Please make one video about how the Slovene interact with foreign people who live here in this small but beautiful country.

  10. My grandfather was Slovenian (Vremsak) and I am continuing to discover both the lovely country, and it's passionate people. #1 describes me (and my father) to the "T" (American Expression). We are/were extremely passionate about what we are passionate about. Get my brother started on Climate Change and the fossil fuel industry and you can't shut him up. Here in the United States, we are both "Feeling the Bern" (Bernie Sanders).

  11. Really funny and nice ! I would say that more or less same stereotypes apply to most of the slavian nations 🙂 Especially about the car, its the same in Bulgaria hahaha

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