Skin Game – Trailer

Posing as master and slave, likable swindlers Quincy (James Garner) and Jason (Lou Gossett) ride into backwater prairie towns in 1875. And after Quincy intones and Jason moans, Jason is sold to the highest bidder. Quincy later springs him loose and they split town, split the cash and head down the road to the next sucker. It’s an effective scam for these smart and nimble schemers — until they cross paths with an equally clever con woman (Susan Clark) and an irate former customer (Edward Asner). “What could have so easily been the most tasteless picture of the year turns out to be one of the funniest,” the Los Angeles Times said about this comedy with a conscience. Enjoy the fun as two beloved and award-winning actors play roving rogues who put bigots in their place, all part of the Skin Game #Trailer #WB


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4 thoughts on “Skin Game – Trailer

  1. So, typically I HATE Westerns. But this came on TV, I'm under the weather and didn't feel like changing the channel and it was SO GOOD! Lou Gossett Jr. was excellent, as was the mom from Webster lol

  2. I figure the liberal movie-watching crowd won't take to kindly to a movie taking the slave trade business lightly AND even in jest, especially with ultra-lib stars James Garner, Ed Asner, along with many others.

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