Retro Hunting Adventures! Ben’s Game Zone in Ralston, NE

The smell in the air was both retro gaming goodness and HOT BLACK TAR as the parking lot was being paved at Ben’s Game Zone the day I showed up to film this episode of Retro Hunting Adventures. Maybe that’s the reason Ben took his family on vacation (I’d want to leave too) but either way I wasn’t able to introduce you to him on this trip. In a future visit I hope to chat with Ben on camera about his store, what inspires him, and how he keeps such a plentiful inventory. You can literally find it all at Ben’s: 8 bit era games, Sega CD games, Dreamcast games, 3DO games, modern systems like PS4, Switch and Xbox One, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF. I walked out having spent only $50 on four Dreamcast and three GameCube titles and felt like I could have easily done much more. They even had Skies of Arcadia Legends complete! Watch that be gone by the next time I go back. Anyway thanks as always for watching RHA, and if you’re new to mmf187, new episodes go live every Monday at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Speaking of new you can always hit that subscribe button and help me on the road to 1K. We’ve got some cool things coming up if we hit that goal — perhaps even a live medley of Undertale music from a cello and violin duet! I’ll discuss that more in the days to come.


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2 thoughts on “Retro Hunting Adventures! Ben’s Game Zone in Ralston, NE

  1. I caught a glimpse of some Atari 2600 games in a case. Anything interesting, or other old systems like Intellivision or Colecovision?

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