Rave Master: Special Attack Force Game Sample 1/2 – GBA

Original Air Date: October 27th, 2009

Rave Master: SAF is a video game based off of the anime and manga of the same name, Rave Master (or Groove Adventure Rave). While the game was released in the U.S. as more of a mid-life GBA title some time in 2004 or 2005, it’s actually based off of its Japanese counterpart, Groove Adventure Rave: Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2, which was made in 2002. It comes off as pretty basic or standard in the U.S., but was actually meant to be one of the fancier showcases for the handheld in Japan.

In this game, you get to play with many of your favorite Rave Master characters like Haru and Elie and fight in four player battles that act as a “Tug-of-War” session. Each character has basic attacks and special attacks that can be used with their item power that inflict damage. A character can lose their item power and thus lose half of their moves. When a character is sent over the edge, a bar will flash. During this time, you have to press start and bash buttons in order to do a finisher. Finishers are the only way you can win battles. The game is cool for a little while, but all the characters finishers look far too samey, but I suppose that’s the price for playing a fairly simple 2002 GBA game in 2004+

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18 thoughts on “Rave Master: Special Attack Force Game Sample 1/2 – GBA

  1. So… I highly doubt anyone is going to really notice this comment or care, but I noticed something very odd about this game. When you go into ranking mode on this game, the music that plays on the menu there, really really sounds like a remix of the instrumental to Ted DiBiase's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALYJwgz-GyY And this is the best example of the game's music that I could find on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CStrFQRRRj4&t=14m37s

    I'm not crazy. It totally sounds similar.

  2. @devilNDchaos It's not really an emulator, it's a device created by Nintendo called the "Game Boy Player" to play GB, GBC, and GBA games on your T.V. through the GameCube. The Game Boy Player does not use software emulation, but instead uses physical hardware nearly identical to that of a Game Boy Advance. The GBA doesn't have a Z button.

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