RAVE MASTER (Gamecube) 2017 Gameplay Part # 1 @ 60ᶠᵖˢ ✔ RETRO HD

Join Haru, Elie & Plue on a crazy journey! From the creator of Hiro Mashima, BEFORE FAIRY TAIL, there was the Rave Master. Running in FULL HD 60 frames! Let’s play the story mode 🙂 Enjoy! Subscribe for more unique games running in FULL HD 60fps & Anime News!

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15 thoughts on “RAVE MASTER (Gamecube) 2017 Gameplay Part # 1 @ 60ᶠᵖˢ ✔ RETRO HD

  1. Rave Master deserved better. Wish they made a anime remake with the same English voice cast but better animation. My suggestion: Studio Trigger

  2. Wish their were ost videos for this game cause I've played this game and listened to the songs and nobody knows about with the exception of people who does know about it existence.
    P.S. I've found a way to unlock Beast King, you have to play as Haru on hard mode on story mode without continues.

  3. this is one of the first manga I finish reading years ago, it's a shame it didn't get the attention it deserves

  4. Rave Master was awesome! I read all of it but it’s a shame it didn’t get the attention it should have when it’s way better than Fairytail

  5. Did the creator of fairy tail make a manga of this or anime or are these character designs he did for this game, either way i kinda wish Kubo would do character desighns for a game

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