Panamax 4p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table discussion by Heavy Cardboard

Are you interested in learning how to play Panamax? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video.

Later, he is joined by Jess, Martin, & Andrew for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

0:24 Video start
0:50 Intro
3:33 Teach
57:36 Game start (advanced setup)
1:12:17 Round 1 – Actions
1:59:08 Round 1 – End of the Round and Maintenance
2:04:48 Round 2 – Actions
2:57:57 Round 2 – End of the Round and Maintenance
3:06:44 Round 3 – Actions
4:01:16 Round 3 – End of the Round and Maintenance
4:03:14 Final scoring
4:05:36 And the winner is…
4:06:08 Roundtable
4:18:43 Outro

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9 thoughts on “Panamax 4p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table discussion by Heavy Cardboard

  1. Just an FYI, when transferring dice from one side to the other, you cannot move dice to executive action spaces. They can go to the topmost non-executive empty space of an empty column only.

  2. just wanting to see if I understood things correctly while watching at the end. Couldn't Edward have used the 3 movement he got from his last flag to move the ships containing Andrew's dice up 2 locks making it so he owed $9 in cargo fees instead of $3? I am not sure if that would have made it so he couldn't pay out dividends or not, but it would have been close. I just am trying to make sure I understood some of the underlying options.

  3. That last share purchase earned 3 extra for Ed and gave Andrew 6, What a way to GTR yourself! 🙈

    Also the rogue die from 2:21:42 was an error as it was a take back move and the die wasn’t returned to the warehouse.

  4. This game should in many ways be compared to an 18XX. Panamax isn't good for 2 players for basically the same reason 18XX games aren't. Taking shares in other people's companies attacks their ability to pay for operations just like it does in incremental-cap 18XX.

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