Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT EDITION) – Ten Minute Power Hour

How many karats are those rings?
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Dir/shot by Tucker ►

Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►


Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

Music from Stevia Sphere ►

Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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47 thoughts on “Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT EDITION) – Ten Minute Power Hour

  1. 8:10 when the newlywed game starts creating stronger connections between one of each of the couples
    I sense the start of a divorce XD
    Edit: I stand corrected, 11:48 is the real moment that divorce becomes a real possibility!!

  2. theres so many memorable moments in this episode i cant even get a joke because i cant decide on which bit is the best

  3. This is so weird to go back and watch cause my ferret’s name is Lego and I’m just like- “he had Lego??????”😂😂😂

    I honestly love this video though-

  4. I don’t know SoupMegan very well so I can’t tell if they’re joking or genuinely a little angry….either way I like them a lot!

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