This week, the squad finds out how well they know each other as we play the Newlywed Game! Will it be Team Shaymien, Team Koah, or Team…Gregory? Watch and find out!


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41 thoughts on “NEWLYWED GAME (Squad Vlogs)

  1. 5:09 shayne just casually looking at courtney and play with his hair

    if this isn’t flirting idk what is

  2. Have you ever wondered what brothers of Smosh look like? Well just look at young Damien and Noah 😄

  3. Oh stop it girls. You obviously look like talking behind each others' back. It clear. Based on Shayne's reaction lol.

  4. Noah and Keith's incident on the park bench is so relatable to me because I once nearly threw hands with my friend who wouldn't take me seriously when I told her to stop poking and touching me.

  5. I love how Koah's first fight was about Noah sitting to close to Keith, and now they are the most touchy of them all, sitting closest together and hugging every round

  6. is nobody gunna talk about how Courtney's 'crazy hook up place' was a zipper ride at a carnival and shayne and courtney have been in a zipper ride together.. HAHAHAHAB idk if it was after this video but jus thought it wad funny

  7. Gotta agree with Courtney. Tommy Wiseau is one of the few people strange enough to be able to play Olivia.

  8. Anyone else notice how Noah is almost whispering to Keith after the question, and Keith shakes his head. Then Noah out of nowhere says "I might have to pee later", and Keith immediately writes down "bathroom". Coincidence?…..i think not…(But team Koah for the win anyways :D)

  9. Olivia: just to let you know Courtney it’s not a Ferrari

    Courtney: ok, perfect

    Shane: looks at Courtney

    Courtney: don’t look at me

  10. courtney – the weirdest place I’ve hooked up is on the zipper ride at a carnival
    me – *wait didn’t she go on the zipper with shay-

  11. I feel like a lot of people at smosh ship courntey and shane because a lot of there thumbnails are 💗shourtney💗

  12. Anyone else suddenly think the Damien’s hookup was with shayne?(I’m so sorry I just wanted a laugh)

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