NBA Post Up Secrets That Will Improve Your Post Game

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Coach Nick gets on the basketball court to explain how the best post up players take advantage of their defenders. Catching the ball on the hop, without establishing your pivot foot, makes it very difficult for your defender to stop you.

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47 thoughts on “NBA Post Up Secrets That Will Improve Your Post Game

  1. I like to post up but you need more moves then this.

    McHale is the guy to learn from when it comes to post up moves.

  2. I’m a centre (in under 14’s) and I DOMINATE. Posting up for me is such an easy way to score. All you need to do is figure out your footwork trust me. I’m my teams main scorer because I’m so good in the post. It also helps to be big not as in tall but with weight you don’t want to be skinny or fat you just want to be solid.

  3. Hey thank you for making this video because I really want to learn how to play basketball better i know if I watch this everyday I can get very good at it

  4. Garbage video. The hop has the player essentially running away from the pass, the last move is a blatant travel, and the player in the video is TRASH, missing wide open layups and 5-foot jumpers like it’s going out of style.

  5. I learned this method of post-up from every coach I ever had. You know why? Because coaches are almost always lousy post players with limited skill in the paint. Even if coaches did have the skills, they aren't going to waste their time teaching the techniques to the least skilled players on the floor. If they were skilled, they'd probably be guards.

    Anyhow… if you are looking to learn post for real… look up a video of Hakeem Olajuwon teaching Dwight Howard how to move in the post.

    Dwight Howard never did apply what he learned in this video, but you can.

    In Olajuwon's method, you start with your back to the basket. You turn in to FACE UP YOUR DEFENDER, and then you post up.

    Why is this better? Ask a guard. It's called tripple threat for a reason.

    Shoot, dribble, pass.

    If you've got your back to the basket, you are limiting your ability to shoot and you can usually only see people to pass to that are farther from the basket than you are.

    Backing down defenders is unskilled post play.

  6. I'm 5'8" and still plan to use this before playing pickup tomorrow. This channel is phenomenal it sucks that talking heads like Steven A are on TV instead of real, knowledgeable coaches like this

  7. The up and under.. I've seen Kevin McHale, Tim Duncan, LaMarcus Aldridge even MJ do that.. Nothing fancy and very effective.. Nice one Coach Nick..

  8. yo this is very valuable! people talk about post moves yet they forgot to mention where's the correct position to get the ball. props! thanks nick

  9. yo this is very valuable! people talk about post moves yet they forgot to mention where's the correct position to get the ball. props! thanks nick

  10. Hi coach, can you make a video teaching player how to pass the ball into the post? Coz I found out most of the people playing on the street doesn't know how to pass the ball to the guy who is posting up, they either lob the ball too slow or pass the ball too low which tall guy is hard to catch and maintain the position in the same time.

  11. why dont give sum poor young hood nigga sum dollars and a meal for throwing this passes in the morning, will help everybody.

  12. i was really looking forward to this post up video. Turned out to be more about advertising "DoctorDish" than posting up. Disappointed

  13. love the machine. but not sure if you can catch the post like that with both hands without the other ine sealing the defender.

    post scoring has diminished because post players were allowed catch the ball waaaay deep (one step/dribble from the paint), unlike jow where they are close to a meter away when they catch the post pass.

  14. ive actually never heard of the split catch from the post. very interesting and cant wait to actually try it out. ive never noticed but i tend to do split catch catching the ball on the perimeter. helps get into the drive and works really well for fake drives that i use for pull up jumpers

  15. Coach can you do a vid on the streak of Boston and the Jazz if they continue their good play. Also who agrees that Gobert was a snub for the All Star game, he's been quietly leading his team to become a .500 team.

  16. Hey Coach it's that time again. Derek Fisher got fired. As a knicks fan I am happy about this. Will there be a video of why Derek Fisher got fired.

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