Minecraft Squid Ink Farm – 5000+ Ink Per Hour – Easy Build 1.16/1.15

Generate Over 5000 Black Dye Or per Hour Using This Easy To Build Farm. Minecraft 1.16/1.15/1.14.
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Farm design from @LogicalGeekBoy:

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Items needed:
264 – Obsidian
1 – Flint and steel
6 – Chest
12 – Hopper
796 – Glass
64 – Building block
4 – Boat
32 – Egg
128 – Seed
192 – Sand
18 – Sponge
2 – Bucket

Music in this video:
Ballpoint – HIGH CASTLE



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44 thoughts on “Minecraft Squid Ink Farm – 5000+ Ink Per Hour – Easy Build 1.16/1.15

  1. shulkercraft i hope u make the typing bar a little bit lower so we i puase i can read it with bcuz the title in the way

  2. Me: Oh a squid farm! I need some ink sacs to trade
    Video, So you’re going to need 264, obsidian 796, glass 192 sand, 128 seeds, and 18 sponges

  3. I swear u and mysticat are the 2 best tutorial youtubers ever. U r more in detail because u build in survival so we know how we should place the blocks, mysticat briefly goes over the concept in creative but is detailed enuf to understand and build. I luv u both, kiu!

  4. Mine is not working, both of the portals are synced correctly, but I don't see any squid spawning or appearing in the nether. There's also some pigmen showing up through the big portals, even though both portals in the nether are completely sealed and there's no way a pigman could go through them. Sometimes a pigman will be on a boat with one of the chickens as well. The boats are not perfectly aligned, could that be the problem?

  5. Hello, I do not know if you can help me, I did the whole tutorial but previously I was not spawned by a single passive marine mob, you can help me or give me an idea of ​​what to do, thanks.

  6. is it better with more portals in the overworld? I found a very large area for a river biome, 20×24. So I could fit a lot of portals, but would it be better?

  7. Does EVERY spot of the farm have to be a River biome? I couldn’t find one big enough, so parts of it is Plain :/

    Great video!

  8. What do the chickens in the portal do? Btw i made the farm at 1.15.2 (paper server) and it isnt working as the video. I´m getting a really really low amount of ink

  9. Better kill squids than building this monstrosity.
    Wow now I see squids have got value…
    But shulkercraft is like the best YouTuber….

    Now I'm panicking!!

  10. If you see this, Mr Shulker, I like this skin more than the skin you wore in that shulker box loader. It feels more relaxing to see you working on this with that skin. Well done! I'm around two-thirds of all my dyes available. I have a yellow, red, white and brown dye farm. Just needed a black dye farm for all the dyes and omg this is op!

  11. This man is what caused me playing survival in 1.15 i was gonna start with 1.16 but his farms are just innevitable

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