Mermaid Swamp REMAKE – Back to the Swamp (Pixel Horror) Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

Mermaid Swamp Remake is a remake of the original Mermaid Swamp created by Uri of Crooked Man fame. Rather than being a reimagining or major shaker upper it’s more of a literal remake with new art, Japanese voice acting and some additional gameplay.

Mermaid Swamp Remake Playlist:
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“Have some mer’m’cy”

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28 thoughts on “Mermaid Swamp REMAKE – Back to the Swamp (Pixel Horror) Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

  1. i really love how violent Rin is sometimes, like when she threatens to kill the underwater shadow in her dream and then says she’ll peel Seitaro apart (at around 31:34) for saying she’s dumb. it’s really funny, and i’ve never seen any other female horror protagonists act like her

    (also i kinda ship Rin and Yuka)

  2. – Should've followed the old man to town to get a mechanic.
    – Young people but doesn't know the use of cellphones to call for help but knows TikTok.
    – Funny that in this modern time no phone line towers installed in surrounding mountains.
    – Funny they dont have Google Maps/GPS installed in their phones.
    – Some of the paintings are actually real from the Impressionists era.
    – Looks like something out of Junji Ito GYO.

  3. Oh wow it's been years since you've done the original playthrough! I remember after school I'd binge watch your videos and now I'm in college still watching ! I'm amazed with how your voice had become…so MANLY :'D I never felt super attach to lets players except your content Manly! ><

  4. The voice acting and translation are brilliant. I don't speak Japanese, I've only watched some subbed anime and here they get the tone and writing right for the spirit of the honorifics I recognize

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