Making Balloon Animals (ft. Leighton) – 10 Minute Power Hour

Your mom told us you weren’t allowed to play with balloons anymore so we’ll play with them for you. What should we do next? Let us know!


Dir/shot/edited by Tucker ►

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47 thoughts on “Making Balloon Animals (ft. Leighton) – 10 Minute Power Hour

  1. Leighton is sooooo cute sorry I just had to say it my god and omg they are too funny like idk why I thought they were actually going to make balloon animals instead of of just screwing around the whole time lol

  2. This episode makes my ears want to detatch themselves from my head and jump off of the Empire State Building. God FUCKING dammit I hate the sound of ballons.

  3. 6:45
    My best guy friends have a dynamic pretty similar to the one Arin and Dan have. We're really close, but I gotta say, everytime we hangout, I end up with Leighton's exact mindset.

  4. Arin and Dan emit and a constant stream of panic, not bad panic
    But the fact that they are unreal in every single way
    They are in fact CGI creatures

  5. For people really scared of balloon pops but still want to watch the video 🙂

    Pop: 2:58
    Pop: 3:25
    Pop: 4:51
    Pop: 4:58
    Pop: 6:33
    Pop: 12:40

  6. Leighton makes me more gay but arin and danny are there to assure that im still at least a little bit into men

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