Liar Liar 2 – ALL ENDINGS

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00:00 Akira’s Plaything
12:08 Totally Boned
13:24 Liar
20:15 Liar 2
23:14 No leg left to stand on
25:29 Sisters
34:49 BAD END: Unavoidable Disaster
41:13 TRUE END – Black Widow

Continues one year after the game left off, Yukari and Miho are now high schoolers, who are now dating and spend their leisure time together holding hands, kissing, and murdering the occasional boy or two. On one day just like any other, a new transfer student arrives to Yukari’s school. It’s Koshi Tanaka! But wasn’t he dead? Apparently not. The goal of the game is to figure out the mysterious circumstances of Tanaka’s revival and most importantly, staying alive.

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10 thoughts on “Liar Liar 2 – ALL ENDINGS

  1. THE moments

    9:40 Akira's Plaything

    12:09 Totally Boned

    16:32 Liar

    20:17 Liar 2

    20:59 MI☆NA☆GO☆RO☆SHI

    23:42 No leg left to stand on

    33:19 Sisters

    34:50 BAD END: Unavoidable Disaster

    40:03 NORMAL END

    41:14 TRUE END – Black Widow

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