Let's Talk About EA Game Changers.

I know some people are going to be a little upset by some of the things I had to say in this video. But I just want you to know that even if your opinions are different than mine, they’re still valid and I respect you.



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36 thoughts on “Let's Talk About EA Game Changers.

  1. ** I want to point out that when I was referring to people saying they are "sponsored" and not being paid. I was referring to the misuse of the term. They were not sponsored and the proper way to say it would be "brought to you by". Unless they were actually paid- then sponsored is the correct term. And some game changers are attacked and ridiculed for being "sponsored" and i think that, in and of itself is wrong. Just wanted to make that a little more clear***

  2. I so agree with Consistency I see many game changers who just build and I feel like why are they exploring gameplay once when one pack comes out then all they do is build or read news and info or stop and start lp’s all the time like I’m gonna mane names 😬 koffe starlight sims some cases pixelade and a lot more

  3. And I don’t know if your gonna read my comments 😂 but when news and info videos started becoming extremely popular I was okay with it when 2 or 3 people did it but like now their is 20 sinners who do these with the same tweets and I’m like I’ve seen all these tweets and I feel like once again a simmer I won’t name that a lot of people like he started doing these and abandoned lp’s and became strictly on twitch which I think Is just rude to abandon all your YouTube fans and I don’t agree with people who do news and info videos and 6 parts of an lp they gonna give up on shouldn’t be an game changer

  4. People are gonna disagree with me and I know this is old but it’s changed a lot and their is a lot of game changers that I won’t name that I don’t think should be ones anymore they take breaks for 6 months post an lp part and go away again and they only post when a new pack is put acting like it’s gonna fix everything and their not gonna quit again just about evrey game changer has quit an pack lp after 6-8 parts which bothers me because I want to see it played out and explored before I buy it and isn’t that a big part of their job is to explore lp’s and packs and run through it’s course and I know part of it is ea’s fault but they don’t have to do 17 parts preparing for an lp their gonna quit and their is one simmer that idk if I want to name cause I want to refrain from hate but she has done this many times and then acts like it’s gonna be different even though I’m not mainly talking about her (who I won’t name) like it bothers me so much and Kate leaving the gurus we all know this whole scandal had a little to do with it then she leads on cause the timing of her leaving is fishy

  5. Honestly I haven’t seen anyone tear into EA the way they should. The Sims 4 is horrible with or without GC. Those gurus get paid to give cute opinions and they should be ashamed.

  6. what’s your whole point ? are you trying bash them ? are you upset you’re not a ea game changer? because making videos like this won’t make you one

  7. Yep, I totally agree. I think there is a LOT of favoritism. I’ve been around since TS3 making Sims LPs on my other channel (sweetnigjtingale2907) and doing reviews of store content. I spent my own money to acquire about 99% of store content and EP’s and SP’s. Not once did I ever get a thank you from the higher ups nor an invite to any of their happenings. I had a pretty decent following back in the day but the powers that be never, ever gave me the time of day.

    Fast-forward to TS4…my following started to dwindle and when I wasn’t super impressed with TS4 and stuck with TS3, I think that was the kiss of death. To this day, I have a few loyal followers so I continue to make TS3 videos on occasion and also write SimsLit on my blog (sweetnigjtingale.com). In a way, I’m glad I’m not a GS because, IMO, you’re not completely free to really say what you think about a pack or content without running the risk of being kicked out. Besides, I’d probably be rejected on the spot since I’m stuck in the past with TS3. Heck, I play what and how I like and that’s that.

    So yeah…a bit of sour grapes here but that said, I totally disagree with attitudes where people are harassing others because of their success. That’s just jealousy and so juvenile.

    Anyway, I’ve subbed to your channel and face this video a himbs up. 😊 When I get back on my Sims channel, I’ll do the same. I do makes videos here but they are mainly about adult coloring books, journals, and fountain pens. 😄 Like I said, new subbie here. If you want to be a game changer, I really hope you get it. I wish you every success.

  8. The only reason I want to be a game changer is can't do can't afford the ep packs and stuff like that but I know I have no reason to get into it as I don't make content for the sims in any way shape or form so I know I wont get in if I applied

  9. Great video! You are very well spoken. I have watched your videos for awhile, and seeing your passion and honesty in this video just makes me even more happy that I support and enjoy you! 💯💯💯

  10. One of their trusted gamechangers uploaded a cracked copy of get famous to the pirate sites like 3 days before the releases

  11. Hit the nail, right on the head here! I always thought that being a game changer should be achieved through hard work and innovation but, with exceptions, it's becoming clear that it's not.
    I kind of see more and more simmers achieving the status through schmoozing and brown nosing as opposed to having innovative content. I'd love some proper guidelines or a more consistent application process.

  12. I watch a lot of Simmers–popular and not–and it really is favoritism. They are going to pick the most popular simmers and I have seen those simmers get a big head. However, I happy to see some new people and a bit of diversity in those that went to Sims Camp this year. I do like those simmers who are genuine. I love finding new simmers because I"m tired of having just the popular people shoved in my face (Thanks Youtube *not*) I hate to say it, but the Sims community has always been petty and backstabby. I have never made any content, but I haven been seeing things since TS1 and I know people who just got out of community because of how people act. I want to see all new faces sometimes EA!

  13. Thank you for making this video. Your thoughts about the community are very pragmatic and needed to be heard. Favoritism is one reason why I took a step back from the Sims community.

  14. Honestly… this video.. really made me want to be friends with you. You’re so positive. I’ve just found you and you’re a light.

  15. This was great. There have been some things going on in the community that have caused me to take a little bit of a step back, so I never looked into the program much. A year ago, I would have been all over it. Even in my standoffish position, I've felt a bit funny about it. I've noticed people change a LOT. I've noticed people who want to be in the program "prepare" for it by completely changing their tone to the tune of sounding fake. Others who I know got in have been different too. I feel like they feel they can't be honest about how they feel about the game, and I can't get with that at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and telling us more about the program. My only other beef with the program is that it is HEAVILY biased toward YouTubers. With this last wave of new applicants, I was pleased to see more custom content creators get accepted. I personally only know one SimLit writer who got in. The writers always get shafted in most EA promotions.

  16. E.A. probably isn't looking for the most deserving nor should they. It's an incentives program using influencers and content creators to promote their product. Not too much above an affiliate program tbh. That's why the process isn't demanding. I think on our side, the customer and creator we've made it into this thing. A badge of sorts and now a wall to put up between other's in the community. Most corporations, if not all, have incentive programs. They sponsor people. In return you promote the product as honestly as possible. Most of the time the product is great so what's the problem? There's absolutely no reason to make the process difficult. They, EA, pick who best fits their needs, fits their brand, message, and agenda. What will further their goals.

  17. Kate has done an incredible job recently of including creators outside of this avenue of Youtube Videos and Streaming… Something that would've never happened before. A lot of us would've never been given a platform to show our creativity had it not been for Kate opening those doors past being an Online Personality with loads of followers. Incredible Builders, CC Creators, Sim Creators and Bloggers weren't represented in the way they deserve to be, and it's given us all amazing opportunities to grow and share our talents to a new audience that may have never seen us before.

    All I can say is, show your passion, your commitment to the game, and share unique ideas, and you will be noticed!

  18. From what sims vip told me game changers are basically told what they can and cant say andf you kind of lose your voice in a way which is why they opted out of doing it. (I used to work for Sims VIP but couldnt cut it I guess) for me, I'd love to be a game changer…but Its no big deal if I don't get it

  19. I love your honesty and your so right. And also it's okay if people dont support you back it's okay to. Honesty is everything. I am not going to apply because rejection is something I dont like. I am happy for my friends who got it but my comments are always honest and i only comment if I think it's good.

  20. As a Game Changer/Simmer, I feel you. I hear you. Thank you for your honesty. (Gawd, that was totally very Candor of me lol)

    Also. subbed 😉

  21. i agree, especially with more transparency about the selection process or goals to hit before applying. i didn't feel ready to be a game changer because i've only been streaming the sims for about six months (although i've been playing since the first game), and i'm not very well known in the community at all. and that's fine with me, i need to put that work in, but knowing specifics to work on, not just "be consistent and known", would be very helpful. (and i don't mean "known" as in a favorite of a certain game changer, but rather known in the community or have a large community of your own, because being a game changer means having the audience to… change the game for, you know?)

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