Learn Slovenian – Basics | Slovene 101

What are some basic Slovenian words and phrases? How do you introduce yourself in Slovene? I answer these questions and more in the first video of Slovene 101.

Because Slovenian or Slovene is my native language I decided that it would be fun for me to teach you all some essentials to this language.

▲I am ___ / My name is ___
▲Thank you
▲Bless you


Hi! My name is Tjaša Grabnar. I am a 17 year old Slovenian girl who likes making youtube videos. I cover topics such as language learning, traveling, different cultures and show you other random pieces of my everyday life. So… with that said, I hope you stick around and subscribe!

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44 thoughts on “Learn Slovenian – Basics | Slovene 101

  1. 5:20 ej! ala tke neki racisti z nami primorčani minchia dej ne se hecat pa kako kristus nas ne razumete tle smo mi ki vas ne razumemo … kristus… točno tako

  2. I'm from Israel
    I don't know why
    I start to like Slovenian

    I like Slovenian names
    I never heard name Tajasa

    But in any language there is different names

    So that's natural
    If I never hear this language

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  4. Nice video! Seems really similar to Russian and Bulgarian, and probably some other languages in that region.

  5. New suscribers I have a friend in slovene and I have a crush on her. She is from Valencia slovene. She's teaching me and I know some Slovenian languages like this. Živjo, jaz sem tvoj novi božji podrejenec, vedno me opaziš, prosim

  6. At least numbers are consistent in Slovenian. In Russian, it’s a bit all over the place, like 40 not being «четырдцать» but «сорок»

  7. wow there are some similarities with Russian and Afrikaans. Quite cool.

    In Afrikaans when we count we also say 21 one and twenty (een en twingtig)

  8. greetings sis, I'm Riski from Indonesia. I would love to have pen pals with you and others from various countries. I am interested in learning the language you use so that one day I visit your country, I'm not surprised

  9. We use lots same words In Macedonia. Zdravo. Da. Ne. Dobar den. Kako si. Broevite se skoro isti.Jas(I) it is same. Nice video tnx

  10. PLEASE!!! Slow down the pronunciation and give a lot more space to fonectics !! Thanks.! Good look and hugs from Argentina !! Sebastian

  11. OK I never knew Slovene is a mix of Bulgarian, German and Italian haha but even counting in Slovene it seems droppin the "t" in the end is common in speech as is in Bulgarian. Also exactly the same number count except 1 thats Edno, Ena is more Greek but contraction of Edno in common Bulgarian is E'no haha

  12. My gf is Slovene and I'm trying to learn a little so I can carry on a conversation with her in Slovene, and this helped. Hvala!

  13. I love how Slovenes say “Adijo” for goodbye and in Spanish we say “Adios” and they both sound very similar. I have some advantage!

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