Lagoon: Land of Druids – How To Play

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Lagoon: Land of Druids.

00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – The Setup
03:41 – Gameplay Objective
04:07 – Gameplay Overview
04:28 – The Begin Step
05:13 – The Refresh Step
05:38 – The Action Step
05:46 – Invoking
06:02 – The Move Action
06:08 – The Summon Action
06:31 – The Explore Action
08:17 – The Site Action
09:16 – Sharing Site Actions
10:24 – The Unravel Action
14:37 – The End Step
15:05 – Ending The Game
15:16 – Determining The Dominant Energy
16:19 – Scoring
17:25 – Occupied Sites
17:38 – Moving and Swapping Tiles
18:12 – Exiling
18:23 – Keywords
18:31 – Solo and 4 Player Games
18:55 – Conclusion

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37 thoughts on “Lagoon: Land of Druids – How To Play

  1. Excellent video, thanks. The whole flipping a druid on another tile to activate a tile where you have another druid is the concept I found hardest to grasp.

  2. I pulled this game off the shelf this morning to try playing it solo, and I couldn't for the life of me remember what the white player marker and the grey tokens were for, so I ignored them. So glad you mentioned that they're just extra, Rodney, it shall plague me no longer.

  3. Hey Rodney – I come here to watch your reviews on the games, but you are SO handsome I find it such a distraction – and you have such a kind and lovely smile that is wonderful to see – sorry, I hope you don't my mind my saying. 🙂 Great game – I am on the verge of buying this one, but will have to get it from the USA as it is an outrageous price here in the UK.  Thanks for laying out how to play this one.

  4. Hey Rodney! Long time.
    Did expansions ever come out for this game? I see in BoardGameGeek that there are 2 "promo" tiles(?). Thanks!

  5. This video just made a complicated game really easy to learn! Just played it for the first time tonight! Maybe we'll review it soon on our channel 🙂

  6. I actually picked this game up fairly randomly, so right after I ordered it, I came here to see if you had a video on it XD

  7. this game is gorgeous!
    I could play it just to appreciate its art… I kind of feel some magic when I see this game in action… and the theme is really cool too! I think this game is that one that you play to relax… well, I certainly would do it, just play for fun, not for winning 🙂

    Great video Rodney, now I want this game even more, and I really hope to see you playing this game in a future "live" episode, if you'll have the time 🙂

  8. Im colorblind and cant tell the difference between the haven tiles and yellow tiles… are thre any other symbols?

  9. Is this game still being released? I haven't seen a lot of updates about it on their website. I want to get a copy!

  10. Thanks very much Rodney! I just got this game (won it in the BGG contest) and your rules were very clear and concise! Can't wait to play it with my wife after work!

  11. Hey Rodney,
    Just wanted to take a second to say again I really appreciate your videos. sorry I haven't been on more and posting as I use to. Super busy family stuff… 🙂 anyhow keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

  12. This looks lika a very interesting board game, but I assume that it may be not something for my circle of friends. Not because of complexity (heck, they love BattleCON and that is extremely deep once you try to predict your enemy), but because the theme may be unattractive for them. I'd still get it if it shows up in Europe someday.

    One question remains, though. "Gossamer Pass" (17A) allows to move the Eldrid to any haven or occupied site. Let's say I move the Eldrid to a site that is occupied by an "enemy" druid that has an End of Turn-effect. Can that effect be activated during the same End Phase?

    Other than that, kudos to you and your family for running this awesome show.

  13. "Any questions at all"? Where's the general LIKE-Button that makes me auto-like every video you publish? 😉 Seriously, I am once again reminded of the movie "Philadelphia" since you explain this game as if to a four-year-old. Which, of course, is a good thing, because "Lagoon" seems to be a fairly complex game, although the required setup is rather small. 
    Usually, I like games where fighting takes place, but I think I might like this game's way of snatching/"unravelling" tiles away from under my opponents' feet. Hopefully, this game will be soon available from Europe, as well.

  14. Rodney great video. After watching this I am so glad that I backed this project. I will be using this video to help teach my wife and son how to play the game. Your How to Play videos are sooo much better then me trying to explain the rules. Now if this game would only ship so that I can get my Kickstarter copy.

    Thanks again for the great work.

  15. I have to admit….the game didn't look too interesting to me during the kickstarter.  If I had seen this walkthrough back then, especially with the free canadian shipping, I probably would've backed the game.  Given they made $140K, I assume this can be bought in stores now?

  16. Hey Rodney so glad you did this! i had backed Lagoon on KS and was hoping you would do a video on the game.

    Your videos have definitely helped fill my shelves and get a better idea of what games would be good or bad for our group. Since I dont have a whole lot of other gamers in my area it's hard for me to try games before i buy so I always rely on your videos to give me a good idea about things. Thanks a lot for the great videos!

  17. I really like how the creator included elements and resources for possible future expansions, it gives people a nice little teaser for future expansions, as well as making the base game meld better with the expansion. Also nice to have future tokens with the base game, as it may help printing costs with the future expansions. Very Smart.

  18. Thanks for doing this play through. I am looking forward to receiving my final copy of the game when it ships and have played a number of games with the PnP version David made available during the campaign. It's a beautiful looking game that seems to have a great replayability value!

  19. Quick question,
    Tiles have 2 sides,   can you pick which side you want to use when it comes to scoring at the end of the game or do you have to use side that was originally in play before you unravelled it?

  20. Great review.  I had no interest in this game until watching this video.  Will probably pick it up once its available. 

  21. Looks amazing, can't wait to have it!!! thanks for the review. hope there will be a french edition 🙂

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