Lagoon Gameplay Runthrough

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Lagoon. For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

(static cam)

Part II: Extended Gameplay

(static cam)

Part III: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

10:00 Forgot to take a Blue Seed

16:28 To start that can’t go there because it has to go adjacent to the Druid that’s making the explore action, so it has to go to the top side…
Second, that Middle tile wouldn’t be Locked because if anyone Unravels it it does not split Lagoon into two or more non-contiguous regions… If that tile disappears Lagoon will still be all linked together just with a hole in the middle

17:04 Forgot to take a Yellow Seed

18:42 Forgot to take a Yellow Seed

19:56 No it’s not, like explained before


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8 thoughts on “Lagoon Gameplay Runthrough

  1. At 22:19, there are 4 yellows, right?  So red did not take the lead; yellow was actually in the lead even before the blue was removed.

  2. I tried the PnP of this out when it was first on Kickstarter.  I didn't like it at all; felt far too random and very AP prone.  It's nice to see it in its final version though (the artwork is superb).  But it seems my initial thoughts were accurate – I still don't think I'd like this game.  Appreciate the run-through though!

  3. 20:15 It looks like Roots of Creation can only be used once per turn, so Jen couldn't have done it twice.

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