How To Win The BOTTLE UP Carnival Game Every Single Time! BIGGEST PRIZES EVER! | ClawBoss

Today we travel to the New York State Fair and try and win the biggest prizes ever! We are playing the Bottle Up carnival game, and by the looks of it, its super easy! Can we win??

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40 thoughts on “How To Win The BOTTLE UP Carnival Game Every Single Time! BIGGEST PRIZES EVER! | ClawBoss

  1. I mastered this game, what there not telling you is that you don't use your arms. You have to use your whole body on the lean. Don't move your arms.

  2. It’s where he holds the pole that’s the secret to the win. If you hold at the front of the pole you will lose almost every time.

  3. The carnival that comes to the Bahamas cheats by using magnetic stakes in the ground and magnets in the ring 😒 it's an actual scam

  4. Title: "How To Win The BOTTLE UP Carnival Game Every Single Time! "
    End of the video: "I have no idea how this guy does it."

    Misleading title aside, I won this game for the first time last summer after coming to the fair every year and trying several times. Everyone else here that has won before is correct – lift halfway, push forward the rest of the way. It may take some tries to get it right (and it sucks to have to pay for the practice) but that's the way it goes I guess.

    The real hard part is deciding what to do with your obnoxiously large stuffed animal after you bring it home.

  5. The bottle that u stood up did not have sand in the bottom of it, all the other bottles have sand in them. Are you some kind of cheater? Dislike.

  6. I’m going to my state fair again, day 2, and I’ve been trying to win this big Sloth, and of course I couldn’t. But now I feel a little bit confident

  7. I don't want to watch this anymore that guy who's playing that game it just so stupid he so dumb it just super easy

  8. I love this game the key to winning this game is to practice and make your own set up at home which I did and I practiced for one day and next time I went to go play I got it on the second try and after that I got it within 3 tries each time

  9. Hold the pole near the top half and after getting the bottle up a bit just lean forward until the bottle in up

  10. Looks like after he leans the bottle forward he lets the ring fall around the neck of the bottle to stabilize it, therefore stable enough to stand on its on.

  11. I won tonight. Took me spending 35 bucks. When you are lifting it up you DONT lift. You push forward and down as its about to stand up. Make sure it's not wet. I made her dry the surface

  12. My name is Christian, I'm the nerdy looking guy in the pink apron that was showing you how to stand it up most of the video. This is by far my favorite carnival game, I've worked the New York State Fair the past 3 years and it's one the biggest fairs in America. If you ever come back be sure to watch my hand. You got it up halfway, but didn't PUSH and LEAN into the game, if you don't lean the ring pops off every time. It's all physics. Thanks for playing hopefully I'll see you next year!

  13. It holds the stick close to the string so that he can have more control and then put the ring between the hold for the bottle lid so that the bottle does not roll around he lift it at first

  14. I won this 4 time at the NYS fair the tip to winning is not lifting the bottle straight up its lifting the bottle 3/4 of the way up then pushing it forward

  15. After you learn how to properly lean in tbh you can get it every time. It's a 100% skill game ones you learn how to do it you can pretty much get it every time. That's why carnivals have a limited for how many you can win (usually 1 plush, per. Person, per day) there is 3 tricks I learn from this game and that is *DO NOT face the bottle directly in the middle and the stick on your side of you (reasons why the bottle spins to the side half way up) aim the stick straight with the bottle *DO NOT HOLD THE STICK FROM THE EDGE grab it in the middle just like the video *after half way up DONT lift just go straight forward till the bottle looks like it's about to stay standing up if you stop to early then the bottle will spin and fall. And of course practice and take your time it's not a time game just relax👌

  16. go back and watch your video again,…the guy who works there ,…he really has his ring next to the big part of the bottle,..not the rim of the bottle

  17. 1:17 damn, this is so nice. This no longer exist in my state, California lol. It all dead grass with some burnt spots from fire

  18. I live in Vermont and played this game 3 times at the county fair, I lost twice and asked the guy to do it again and while he was doing it I copied him WHILE he was playing and I won on the 3rd try. I won a giant raccoon for my daughter. It was 3 plays for $10 as well.

  19. What u fail to realize is that u put ur hand under the stick not above the stick and u lean forward with it. Now u know next time! 🤗

  20. CLAWBOSS! More coin pushers please! Also, show the parts where you cash in tickets for prizes EVERY time please? Thanks bro! I enjoy killing time watching these.

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