How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

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If you are running Windows 10 Home and want to upgrade to a better version of windows 10, then this video is for you. Its very easy to do and you wont have to reinstall windows, just follow my step by step guide.

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42 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

  1. Hiya Guys, does anyone know, if you have bought a product key for a previous computer can you use that, or if you buy a product key can you use it on more than one computer in same house, or do you have to buy more than 1 key….thanks from Fred in Essex uk…

  2. Interesting, so thanks! I already have Pro, since I upgraded from Win7 Ultimate which was 113% genuine, officer, I swear on my dead dog's grave.

  3. Hmmmm, should I do this or not? There are times I could really do with the GPE and Im stuck with Home addition ☹️

  4. Downloaded it from Microsoft.
    I just selected windows 10 pro when installing. Surprisingly it worked and it didn't even asked for a key.

  5. I have tried this on my windows 10 home and it did not work, when I put my product key in it states this is now activated.

  6. Hello Sir, I had HP laptop pre-installed with Windows 10 Home Singlle Language. Can I update with Windows 10 Pro edition with same Windows 10 serial key.

  7. Woah this was easier than i thought lol i'm upgrading my Win10 home to the pro it will be much better

  8. DOESNT WORK FOR ME…. might be becaouse i have windows 10 home N which i cant seem to upgrate to noramal windows for some reason

  9. i thought i have to reinstall the system each time i want to upgrade from home to premium. this will make my life so much easier. Thanks Brian!

  10. I have a question, so when u turn my pc on I have to boot it through bios is there a way where I can turn on my oc and have it go straight to the log in or no

  11. I am using Windows 10 Home Laptop
    Which is HP Pavilion core it 7th Gen Laptop
    But when I entered the Following key


    I get the Error code : 0xC004C003
    And even I tried second Key which is

    Then I get Error Code : 0x8007007B
    Even I watched you're Windows Downgrade from Windows 10 Pro To Windows 10 Home YouTube Video .
    Even though my problem is not resolved.
    I even reset my PC to but it won't work.
    So, What I want to do?
    Please Help to get out off this problem

  12. I shall have a dash as im already on 1901 Build and it still has made a mess of a good Lenovo why i want a FRESH WIN -10 Pro,as it's reloading in Facebook + crashing out when it's i-core 5 +6 RAM + 300GIG OF SPACE Is way beyond me as i tried the Microsoft tool creation for a ISO and hen reload of that but done it all up like a kipper m8. Good little Laptop On Lenovo with a Windows -7 Previous Build thats killed it with forced operating on top of a build that had not a single issue microsoft pushed so hard to join-up with X-BOX yet never panned -out that way from the off yet there trying to fix UPDATES TO PATCH TOGETHER A BETA VERSION OF 10Pro. 10/10 VIDEO A MUST FO ALL AS IHATE WINDOWS 10 pRO AAARRGGHHHHH …HELP ME

  13. Excellent help, exactly what I needed. I mistakenly thought the thumb drive was required. All that is needed is the key code and the proper place to enter code. Thank you!

  14. this video is fake, he doesnt show the product key and it wont upgrade lmao time to look for another video which could work

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