Getting hacked?!? How to avoid and what to do after.

Today we are talking about hacking. How to avoid getting hacked and if you do then what can you do!
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36 thoughts on “Getting hacked?!? How to avoid and what to do after.

  1. please help me Jake i got hacked 6pls pls help..😭😭😟
    my name is CottonFries n i just change my password after i got hacked but how pls

  2. Plz my Account is CyberKael Long ago WORLD:SBB,IKAN,TEB ITS MINE BUT Now I Go Online my world is gone,Before My World gone i put world locks on that world plz check it how possible get hack when im already put world locks

  3. I Already Get Hacked In Another Game Well If You Let Me Say The Game Name I Will Say The Game Name That I Got Hacked

  4. Jake 🙁 . I got hack nick , and name he is agents , he take all my item and place sl in my world , he break all wl , now im noob T-T

  5. Pixel Worlds Modrators are really better than gt's,do you guys remamber when gt tryed to do the "growtorials" project to help noobs ? they canceled it,and anyways pixel world players are so nice and great ! the ppl there is good,mods are always active for hackers/scammers ,and alot of nice ppl ! (sorry i dont know how to reassamble words in my head XD)

  6. I once got hacked and lost my acc and dark lock because i was so trust worthy and thought somebody could hack my items and make me pro but they just took everything to the "mother" account.The person who hacked me i could not remember the name but he locked my world so you can punch the lock and see his name.My world name is DemonFarm2

  7. Hi jake im sad cause kimroblox just scammed my 39 wls but I dont have screen shot he also pro now he had lep cape Halloween items and he is selling guitar for 80 ela but how isaw the guitar was only 20 wls see he is scammer plsss teach him a lesson jake.

  8. I asked for help on all social media platforms to receive my hacked account back and you still haven’t replied…

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