Geri's Game: shot for shot (social distancing) remake

Watch the original 1997 Oscar winning short film by Pixar here:

In these times of social distancing / COVID-19 / coronavirus, filmmaking has to be quite different since it’s traditionally a collaborative medium, so I took it upon myself to make a project I could shoot solo: Geri’s Game. This is a parody, shot for shot real life remake: no copyright is claimed here.

While this is a deviation from what I normally make on this channel, video essays, I hope subscribers will still enjoy it, and if you like this, please be sure to subscribe so I can make more video essays and other types of projects.



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17 thoughts on “Geri's Game: shot for shot (social distancing) remake

  1. Ha! A very clever exercise and, of course, we love Geri's Game! Thanks for submitting to #ShelterShorts

  2. Hi Nelson, first of all I hope your doing well and staying safe. I have been working since this all has started. So I haven’t been able to enjoy this thing of ours we call art as much as I normally do.

    I just wanted to say, that I really enjoyed this first as a great showing of your filmmaking prowess. As well as, a great form of escapism for myself right now.

    Finally, the king piece still shaking on the reaction shot of Geri’s collapse to the ground. Is the kind of detail I live for!!! Also the editing, everyone always forgets to mention the editing.

    Great job brother, keep on going!

  3. But how did you recreate the scene where Geri and the other Geri's hand appear in the same scene, while practicing social isolation?

  4. Great job this was made by someone with commitment, pleasure watching your work 👌. I must say though this truly brought a smile to my face. Thanks man it's nice to see this scene the music is relaxing, the sounds of wood and sliding for some reason are so oddly satisfying 😅 again pleasure to view your art

  5. I love the attention to detail for every frame. This video clearly came from a place of love for the original, and I love how you changed the winning prize. Even in these difficult times, you strive to bring smiles to people's faces.
    I sincerely hope your channel explodes in popularity, so more people can see this recreation of a Pixar classic.

  6. Loved it Nelson! As an only child, you reminded me of how creative you can when you only have yourself as entertainment! You create your own stage with huge imagination! This was great and I loved the end showing the “work” it took to make this!! Keep it up!!

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