Gaming PC Setup – Turn Off Turbo Boost to Fix Lag

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This video will show you how to turn off Turbo Boost or Turbo Mode in bios. This is helpful if you are troubleshooting over heating issues which may cause game lag.
I get allot of questions about Gaming PC setups and I decided to start making a Gaming PC video series where I try to answer some of these questions.
Most of the questions are performance based. So if you are getting Game lag, Game Stuttering or you just want to increase your FPS, these videos will help.
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Old ASUS Game lag video

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27 thoughts on “Gaming PC Setup – Turn Off Turbo Boost to Fix Lag

  1. 📢 Do you want to see more Gaming videos? Check out my Gaming Playlist.

  2. Is asus bios user app pre installed or you downloaded it somewhere? Pls reply

  3. How what if I don’t care if it gets hot and I want it to be Stuck in turboboost I don’t want it throttle up and down

  4. Thank you so much! I did some weird over clocking and my cpu started throttling and overheating. I subbed :). Thank you for being so straight forward and not being like those youtubers that spend a year talking about something before getting to the point.

  5. If i turn off turbo boost on my i5 8400 (base: 2.8 and boost: 3.8) will my cpu will become too weak for all the modern games? 🤔

  6. Hello!
    I have already downloaded obsidian, but my cpu is not supported. So i watched this video and i can't find that option in bios, and it looks totally different like yours. I have Asus GL553VD gaming laptop. I hope you can help me.

  7. dude i opened turbo boost on my i7-8750H but it does 4.20Ghz normally but when gaming it goes 2.20Ghz to stock how can i do 4.20Ghz on gaming?

  8. idk man i am still getting problems with my Asus GL753Vd seems to be the same issue as yourself Choppy Games. a little more frequently but the same issue but its with a more bare bone game like CSGO and ideas?

  9. justo mismo procesador, y lo desactive y sifue igual lo cambie desde opciones de energia al 99 % y ya funciono lo mismo XD

  10. I dont have the turbo boost option on my asus gaming laptop… there any other option instead of this?

  11. Man thank god your bios looked exactly like mine!! I had an issue with my cpu and i had to reset it and in the wake it was at the max ghz and i didnt care for it but it sure did elevate my temps! Thanks for the help

  12. Same problem as the guy below… Boost on CPU in my laptop is massive and It makes a terrible fan noise. But I can't find the turbo option in the BIOS. Very limited options actually. Any help? Really fed up of terrible lag in Sekiro.

  13. When i go to my bios advanced mode i dont have most of the options you have I cant even find the cpu management and idea? Is there another bios menu or iz this just not available for me I'm using a asus with an amd ryzen 7

  14. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for what you showed me. Saved me a lot of frustration. Love from the Philippines ❤️

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