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Episode 135 – Don’t you love getting one disc with multiple games on it? Yes? No? Well we take a look at a few notable compilations here in this episode. Let us know of some good compilations that we should check out!

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32 thoughts on “Gaming Compilations – Game Sack

  1. "There are some options for those who like to distort and ruin the original visuals" love this, call um out guys 🙂

  2. This is such a good game channel, and I must say the guy on the left has a huge mouth. I mean physically, his mouth is huge…

  3. For SUGC on 360, if you set the console's resolution to 480p non-widescreen, then go into the game and select the 16:9 option, you get a filled image without black borders.

  4. Is it weird I like Kirby Dreamland 3 and 64 a bit better than the rest of the series? I like the moodier atmosphere and the music of those titles trips me out. The music on the Autumn level of 64 is monumentally beautiful.

  5. I remember getting the SNK compilation on PSP and my god it sucked. Long load times and the game selection was poor. Metal Slug Anthology was cool though. All the Metal Slug games on 1 disc for just $20.00. Just make sure to buy it on PS2.

  6. The PSP port of Taito Legends is quite terrible if anyone is curious.. they omitted so many games.. The only really decent ones are Rastan and NZS and that's why I keep it, but after sourcing both 1&2 for PS2 i'll probably get rid of it despite it being portable.. as they included a bunch of there 4 bit games that just aren't fun.

  7. Gamesack I love your channel but you hate all the games i love lol. Hoshi No Kirby 3 is my favorite Super Famicom game. 🙁

  8. I think I'm dyslexic cause I thought it said gaming complaints, the 1st thing I see is mega man x collection and was like wtf lol. I'm a idiot

  9. The only compilation i ever played was Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP, it's sad that i will never be able to play it again because of the UMD drive making squeaky noises and just not reading any UMD

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