Dream Daddy: How Game Grumps Created Player Inclusivity and You Can Too

In this 2018 GDC session, Game Grumps’ Tyler Hutchison discuss the initial goals of Dream Daddy, and how it managed to become something that made a whole lot of people from different backgrounds very happy, and how you can make them happy too.

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50 thoughts on “Dream Daddy: How Game Grumps Created Player Inclusivity and You Can Too

  1. There's a precise reason why the Leighton Grey video did much better than this one, the topic she talked about can be much more universally appreciated across the political spectrum where as this video is just left leaning talking points for the sake of left leaning talking points. She injected her politics into the talk, but not at the expense of the talk, but rather reinforces the meta-modernism keyword, which in itself is a implementable concept into almost all multimedia narratives. This talk has nothing but politics and call to action.

  2. For the most part, the comments here are not too bad. Sometimes though it's like: "Oh no, why do you have to remind me that other people exist in the world too?"

  3. Great topic. Terrible presentation. In the first three minutes he tells us to go watch a series of 1 hour videos by other people. It only gets cringier from there.

  4. Lobbying in gaming..They had to destroy this too..Give me back the times 10 years ago still when when we actually made games without the political bullshit (yeah shitty ones too) but Games.This is ruining a wonderful world that is keeping us out of reality for a while.Terrible

  5. It was great to hear how a developer made purposeful choices during a project, and worked to create something fun and inclusive. It's always nice to see diversity being represented and positively promoted. So many people "talk down" any effort like this. It would be great to see more people contributing to the conversation by developing diverse games in the industry. Hopefully they aren't accused of "jumping on the diversity wagon" or pretending vague "fetish analogies" are valid. Oh well. Dream Daddy really is great and thanks for sharing the talk. Well done, Game Grumps.

  6. The dev of this game are amatures and they think they created a masterpiece. but it's just a joke.

    (Also the devs bullied Ding Dong and Julian out of the game grumps office becauese as gey people they didn't like it)

  7. GDC is such an odd mixture of gender studies lectures and exploit-the-weak microtransactions radical capitalism

  8. Ahaha, the dislikes on this video really shows society's true colours. Inclusivity = dislike for all you people. Nobody's saying every game has to be like this. Judge this game on its merits as a game, not your political views. Also, your political views are not shared by the majority anymore, which is probably why I can get married in more countries nowadays. And, you know, walk the streets without being assaulted or imprisoned. Yeah thanks for the support there, guys. I'm sure you all contribute a lot to society…

  9. UHhhmm! Uhuhuhuhummm. Ummmm. Ughm. Seriously, this is an important topic but every time he made that noise I puked in the back of my mouth a little.

  10. yes yes yes!! loved the talk
    Reading the asexual word on that list gave me life

    I love how the intro of the gamedo its work: it shows you the game mechanics and its humor while also allowing you to create the canon for your dadsona!

    Even though it still needs a lot of work, it was a huge step

  11. Comments are so horrible. Especially the ones criticising his speech abilities. He's a game dev, not a politician, GDC is for professional, if you're not able to listen "normal" people talking about their job, go back watching stereotyped journalists that don't undertand a word of what they're talking about.

  12. Wow… this is just brutal to watch. This guy should not be presenting whatever the hell he's trying to say here. There was no one better to do this presentation? His constant nervous jokes and tangents were really off putting and just slowed down the talk to where i was vocally telling me screen to, "just get to it already!"

  13. People here in the comments are overthinking the title to such an extent, I wonder how many of them are over-offended snowflakes who got mad that a man said he was a "white cis male, he wasn't diverse".

    Lol… some people just don't like facts or statistics, I guess

  14. oh no this one game doesn't exclusively pander to me and my interests like 99.9% of all other media written 🙁

  15. I honestly wonder why there are so many downvotes to this. It was awkward for the most part and sometimes quite obvious, but still, we don't talk about inclusivity in games every day and there are some nice takeways here. Dream Daddy is a rather simple game, and yet it offers a nice wealth of diversity. I think the biggest takeway is that you don't need to go all over into complex territories and mechanics to be inclusive or diverse. This is what this talk is about : you can create player inclusivity just as they did it.

  16. Now matter how awkward this felt, I think it's important to see people like him also speaking up for inclusivity. It's not just about women and minorities, it's about everyone.

  17. "how to piggyback of political correctness and cator to the minorities starving for recognition and atencion"
    jk its a decent game… but i do wonder would people have even given it a second glance if it was not for the lgbt representacion.

  18. Cool talk, as often with that kind of subject, but I don't get the "binder" thing, what's that exactly? Trans people often show their bellies?

  19. This talk was nice actually!

    He said somethings that made a lot of sense and some that didn't make so much sense. But overall it was a good talk.

    Lol at the haters here though, the whine about censorship but are all 'delete this!' in the comments. If you weren't interested in the talk then don't watch. GDC caters for all games and talks, you don't have to be interested in every one of them

  20. "I'm a white cis straight male, I'm not diverse"
    …. Yes you are…? Your input is just as ,valid, but yes it would be nice to include more. But it felt like he was putting himself lower than people who had a different identity than him…

  21. "you also might be coming to this talk hoping and expecting me to be an expert to tell you how to make your game diverse and to what to strive for how to make a really excellent diverse game"

    I didn't came to this talk. But I watched this video. Hoping and expecting you to answer one simple question – "How a game where you can play only as a man dating men can be more inclusive and diverse than a game where you play a man dating women?"

  22. Inclusivity isn't really super hard… you just have to reach out to people you want to include and get their opinions and ideas on things. A lot of people may whine about all this inclusivity for inclusivity sake, but first off, you're not obligated to play it anymore than you're obligated to play any other game that doesn't appeal to you. Second, appealing to niche, under-represented markets (and LGBT+ is most certainly a niche market, regardless of what loud angry voices might say, it's just demographics) is a smart business decision, because for rather little effort you can take pretty much the whole market because the niche is starving for a product made for them. And third, if something like Dream Daddy truly upsets you and hampers your ability to live a happy life…please seek professional help.

  23. As a GameGrumps fan of many years, it pains me to downvote this. Dream Daddy is a great game because the presentation works whether you take the subject matter seriously or not.

    The story, regardless of the player choices (including character creation), is enjoyable as it paints a heart-warming relationship not so much between two dads, but rather the player character's dad and his daughter. Even with the other dads, most of their stories are intriguing because of their family or personal lives and hardly because of the relationship built between them and the player's character.

    The player's daughter is the one who goes through the most accessible story arc, regardless of which dating-sim branches you pick. Arguably, the game is mostly her story told from the perspective of the player's dad character with some side-quest dad-chasing to do interim. This is a game and story about family bonds, regardless of gender roles or minorities or inclusivity-whatevers. This is a game that makes even "cis-white-men" call their binary gender-role parents and ask how the day was.

    In fact, the dating-sim branches available for the dads in this game just fulfill some generic tropes (for the most part – not all of them) and are not really the most memorable parts of the game, despite the highlight. Those branching sub stories are worth pursuing for comedic and entertainment value, but they generally reinforce the family aspect more than anything.

    This argument about inclusivity is not the primary reason why Dream Daddy was well received. And frankly, a well written and designed character is usually better suited for a story than trying so hard to give the player agency over their avatar's appearances anyways.

    This actual talk is not why "inclusivity made our game great" but rather "why you should simplify your character creation systems and just write good narrative in the first place."

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