Disney's The Haunted Mansion Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, GCN, XBOX)

Disney’s The Haunted Mansion FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, GCN, XBOX)

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40 thoughts on “Disney's The Haunted Mansion Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, GCN, XBOX)

  1. Them damn banshees!! Fucking hated those bitches man.. Everytime! Seeing you take them out that easily makes me jealous.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about the voice they got for Madame Leota in this game, but at least she's better than Jennifer Tilly.

  3. My favorite game from my childhood. I actually bought a PS2 off Amazon just so I could play it again, for old times sake. Nightmare difficulty was surprisingly challenging, and the cheat codes you get after the credits surprised me because I wasn’t even aware they existed as a kid, so that was sorta like a bonus

  4. Lmao, So I Played This Game A Shit Ton As A Kid. (Until My StepDad Sold It To GameStop For A Nickel) But Before That Happened I Maybe Beat This Game 3 Times. I Was In FootBall For My High School Career And Got A Concussion Or Two And My Memory Pretty Much Turned Into A Patato. After Remembering The Game After All This Time (But None Of The Story At All), There Is Only One Thing That I Really Remembered From This Game, And It's Not Even A Big Part Of The It😂 But The Moment I Thought Of Right Away Was When U Interact With The Hitchhiker Ghost And He Says "Going, My Way??" Lmaooo!! AnyWays Thanks For The Video And Thanks For Reading (if u do)

  5. This was my first-ever game to play on the PS2 that was unwrapped on Christmas morning of 2003. The enemies annoyed me beyond entertainment, leaving the game unfinished to this day. The last progress that was saved was in August 2013… I just plugged in the PS2 recently during quarantine and upon retrieving the very same game with the very same memory card from the basement, I was facing a game I had barely exceeded 10%… Thanks to discovery of the Invincibility cheat code online, I had literally zapped my way through 50%, something I never even dreamed about in my life… Here I am, 23 years old, playing a game I have played since I was just 6 years old, and finally being able to fully understand how to play it and make quick progress… It's only taken me nearly 17 years to figure it out!

  6. Love how much of the ride is incorporated, down to the ghosts, paintings, and clock. That tiking clock is so nostalgic for me haha… and that menu quartet….

  7. Man some of these puzzles are nostalgic for me. Haven’t touched the game in years but I remember them perfectly.

    The grim reaper chase scene is still terrifying 😂

  8. One of the few games based on licenses that are not bad or mediocre…this game was terrifying when i was a kid…but now as an adult…its awesome…and perfect to play on the Halloween vibe of October.

    And to be fair…i liked it more than the movie, yeah i liked the movie but…not that much (it was ok, not bad, but ok).

  9. 33:46 i remember being a kid and the first time i saw this i almost shat myself, looking at this now it just looks silly haha

  10. Jeeeez…here returns all the nightmares thanks to this game.
    Well, i guess i should find how it finish…because after the Reaper in the closet i never play more.

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