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Diamond is best know for the AMD Radeon Graphics cards, which the do an awesome job. As with our Diamond Double Black HD7770 review. The Diamond GC1000 is a game capture card that allows you to capture & edit from any video game console such as Xbox 360, Wii & PS3; as well as VHS, DVD player, camcorder or satellite set top box. Yes you can record live TV. The GC1000 also allows you to share your Recorded Game play Sessions on YouTube & Facebook. The GC1000 is a small game capture device that can be easily transport and does not have an external power source. The GC1000 has various source inputs, S-video, Composite, Component and HDMI, Allowing for input and output for all sources. Power is drawn from USB 2.0 connection to PC or laptop.

The GC1000 capture software is very unique and easy to navigate, giving you a full breath of options to pick from, one that stands out the most is the ability to use the GC1000 as a DVR with its schedule Recording options, which allows you tot record live-TV with set record times. A great feature for a relativity inexpensive Game Capture device. The down side to this is its use of Power Direct 8 as its editing software. Though adequate, it is an outdated version of the popular video editing software. But ill still be capable of the task at hand. The GC1000 is a great piece of hardware that provides more than just Game Capture benefits. Combined with this inexpensive ability ( priced at $133) to record TV or use as a tool to digitize your old VHS to digital video. The GC1000 Game Capture from Diamond is a great solution for the gamer on a budget, who wants to do more.

High Definition (HD) Video capture box with HDMI or Component (up to 1080i) input and output
Supports H.264 hardware compression
Supports HDMI, YPbPr, Composite and S-Video inputs from Blu-Ray DVD, Game Console and Set-top box, etc
LOOPTHROUGH video input and video output support giving zero-delay display on TV set
Includes DVC (Diamond Video Capture) software with direct upload to You Tube interface
Real-time HD Video Capture on PC or Laptop via USB 2.0
PIP/POP for Video Playback
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & 7 Compatible

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30 thoughts on “Diamond GC1000 1080p Game Capture Review- with DVR Functionality

  1. hey, this is a very late question, but is this able to record on a Wii U aswell? or does it only record the wii? If not, does anybody know one that does?

  2. Does the card convert HDMI to YPbPr signals because I can record my Wii U and I have seen people record/live stream there XBox one

  3. Does it lag when you play it on your pc? Cause Elgato is a huge let down for people that don't have hd tv.(el gato requires hdtv to play it lags on the pc)

  4. So i really need a Cap card, that can do anything from Jaguar to 360, does this product support everything, i noted it had poor reviews but i could not find anything else with the same versatility. i am decent at editing so that is not a problem of mine. Video lag while recording is also not a problem. I also noted your video is only in 720p not 1080p. Which was rather confusing to me. 

  5. Why can't I record using HDMI? Or how do i do it? if I can't , why are they there in the first place? I'm trying to record stuff I have in my DIsh DVR box, to my computer. Thanks

  6. Whats a cheap but great capture card? I'm thinking on roxio HD pro but I want to do a live session but I meet to many crossroads PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  7. Whats a cheap but great capture card? I'm thinking on roxio HD pro but I want to do a live session but I meet to many crossroads PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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