Cool Compilations & Awesome Anthologies – Game Sack

Episode 211 – We’re looking at some good compilations that promise to give you a lot of bang for your buck! Do they?

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50 thoughts on “Cool Compilations & Awesome Anthologies – Game Sack

  1. 10:18 Yeah but it's Tah-Teh as in the Japanese word for vertical so…Is that really the excuse people use for ro-Tate because that's just a coincidence?

  2. It’s funny how Genesis emulation on the Dreamcast is so crappy while it does NES emulation near perfect.

  3. Joe is the equivalent of a music snob when it comes to old video games. Bro you spend too much time with video games honestly. The fact that you can hear the most minute differences in certain games just shows you have no life.

  4. Wrestle war was released in the uk i own it and it was my first wrestling game and it beat all the wwf games at the time but your right it was not that good except for the super pile driver

  5. "The SEGA Smash Pack" was the disk that got me into playing compilations sets; for a long time, I mostly just played those & sports games, until (as Homer Simpson once said) my palette became more sophisticated (still loved all the emulated older games though!).

  6. I love all the SNK collections for PS2, specially KOF, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, and World Heroes. I’m only missing Samurai Shodown series

  7. Namco Museum Vol. 1-5 are great. I grew up with a lot of these games and collecting each disk was my mission in life. I miss these games 🙁

  8. Assault on the Namco Collection can be played with the "Playstation Analog Joystick" which is that large virtual-on looking thing w/ 2 flight sticks on it. Definitely my favorite way to play Assault outside of an arcade cabinet.

  9. I definitely get the appeal in Street Fighter II, just not capcom's obsession. We don't need three different versions of the same game on one desk. You know those stand-up arcade machines they sell at Walmart? Would you rather by the Street Fighter machine that pretty much has the same game Thrice, or the Mortal Kombat machine that actually has three different games on it?

  10. 13:49 It's called Genpei Tōma Den (源平討魔伝) in Japan. Samurai Ghost is a port of this game released in North America.

  11. Namco museum vol. 1 was my favorite bcuz I loved walking through the virtual museum and seeing everything over and over

  12. The Sega swirl game was available for free download from Sega when the Dreamcast was released. I remember playing it on my Win98 eMachines

  13. SNK arcade classics Vol 1 on PS2 and PSP is awesome…..wonder what happened to them releasing a Vol 2… 🙁

  14. You guys should check out the new Sega Genesis compilation and the Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle for the newer consoles. You'll love em!!! Oh, and there's gonna be a mini Castlevania bundle coming out October 26 for Ps4.

    Have fun, guys!!

  15. Sadly dragon saber only got 1 only port….the pce port…why it can't have a x68000 port?why namco?

  16. Thank god that compilation pack was never bundled with European DreamCast and Wrestle War was sold in Europe.

  17. 720 was absolutely amazing game. I played it on Gameboy andvanced more than anywhere because it was just awesome to play a skate game on the go

  18. Paperboy was one of my favorite games back on nes. Yes it was extremely difficult but it was a friggen blast each time. Especially when you get to the top bonus zones that were like construction zones. Game was hard but worth it

  19. I always imagined Virtua Cop going home to his Virtua Wife and talking about work. "Geez honey, I had one heck of a day. I must of killed 5 or 600 criminals. I am just beat."

  20. Assault/Assault Plus on Vol.4 does support the SCPH-1110 Analog Joystick/Flightstick Controller, so if you have one of those, I'd definitely recommend giving the game another try and see how you like the control scheme.

  21. So even it doesn't have to be related 100% with this video but the galaga spaceships appears as an assistant on the samsh bros for wiiu/3ds?

  22. I remember having a friend a bit older than me who was addicted to playing Sega swirl with his roommate and her friend. They would get really competitive, yell when playing etc. I never gave it much of a chance because I was completely addicted to phantasy star online at the time and thought he was wasting precious pso time on Sega swirl. Lol. Ah, nostalgia.

  23. Ooh. Enjoying your old, outdated 2000s rage face memes, I see. Being disgustingly out of touch aside, a lot of these compilation games look like great fun. I love me some classic arcade action and I definitely agree that Marble Madness is a fantastic game. Anytime I see some indie devs make a game that pays tribute to the original Marble Madness with their own take on the concept, I always hope that it's going to be really good. And sometimes they are. And other times, not so much.

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