Compression Boots for Triathletes

Compression boots are one of the best ways triathletes can recovery from their training and get quicker, the sooner you can recover as a triathlete the sooner you can resume hard triathlon training and the faster you’ll get. Triathlon Taren unboxes the RP Sports compression boots and discusses how triathletes should be using compression boots, he then shows his morning swim workout, and finally gives and update on the Triathlon Taren garage studio.

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29 thoughts on “Compression Boots for Triathletes

  1. As a fitness instructor I've been very interested in compression boots for years…….I can't afford this version yet.. But its going on my wish list..
    Maybe for Xmas time..
    Thank you for video

  2. You can also checkout our Air relax san diego!! we are the distributor here in SanDiego.

  3. These have been around for 3 decades in the medical field…also known as Joobs Pumps. They were "ify" if they even worked back then….just like that physio tape you see all the athletes wearing to correct muscle alignment which was proven ineffective two decades ago and is a complete joke in the medical field but yet you see olympic athletes wearing it all the time. You even see Athletes wearing TENS units for pain blocking….which was debunked as having any affect by the New England Journal of Medicine back in the late 1990's….but here were are almost 3 decades later and people are still using them. This is called the Placebo affect. When you pay $1,500 for a ballon that inflates around your legs…you either believe they work or you believe your an idiot for buying it. Money has already been spent you so you elect to believe they work and you feel great. Placebo has been shown to be almost effective as real medicine….and that is a fact.

  4. Hello Taren,

    Have you tried the Aquilo pants in Kona? Wonder what I should buy if I only had money for one recovery system:
    – Compression Boots ?
    – Ice-Compression Boots ?
    – Theragun or Hyperice ?


  5. Recovery Pump… I don't know??? As a professional triathlete and Ironman champion if you are going to spend that much you might as well just get Normatec. Otherwise, Air Relax at sub $400 is really a more attractive option. Here is a simple comparison of Normatec vs Air Relax for others that might be interested in alternatives:

  6. If those researchers you're working with have any thoughts on compression, that'd be cool to hear. One of the things that I think is so crazy is the amount of science and research that goes into recovery and how much theory there is out there

  7. I purchases the air relax brand about a month ago. they rock and are significantly cheaper than normatec. Deinifitely would recommend

  8. Considering that you forgot your own wedding date, looks like all of us will be seeing NTK's melons more than you, Taren!

  9. So if I'm not stationary in my job, compression tights through the day (provided I'm not to sweaty) and lift my legs (supported) at night for a while before bed, maybe even some foam roller time will do the same thing ?? I've got to be honest, I'm not sure I'm buying into this concept right now even if it was 1/4 of the price of what it is.

  10. 1. Any reason you didn't go the normatec route?
    2. Congrats on the studio approval
    3. Is the fencing there so Gracie and Petey don't lick NTKs melons?

  11. Hey Taren. These boots saved my last Ironman 70.3. I did 20hrs of driving to get there and my legs got really tired. I put these boots on a night prior to the race and felt really good next day. Definitely recommending them. Great channel btw 👌

  12. Bulletproof logic:) – It is silly to walk around with compression socks on, but with this stuff…nobody will notice!

  13. You look silly with compression socks? What does those things make you look…

    Dog accessory melon:

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