Checking Out A PS3 Bundle From GameStop In 2020

A PS3 Slim 160 GB bundle with 5 games from GameStop’s website.
I check out the contents and the quality!
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What I use to record:


– CANON VIXIA HR R800 Camcorder 1080p 60fps


– Audio Technica AT2020+ USB

Video Editing Software:

– VEGAS Pro 15.0

Audio Editing Software:

– Audacity

Capture Device:

– ROXIO GameCap HD 720p 60fps

Games played on original PlayStation 3 console.
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23 thoughts on “Checking Out A PS3 Bundle From GameStop In 2020

  1. Just yesterday I got my very first PS3 Super Slim. I got also 3 games: Killzone 2, Uncharted- Drake's Fortune and The Last Of Us. Really excited to play these PS3 exclusives! I also bought online Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 & 3 and Resistance. Got something to do when the holidays starts. Great video! Greetings from Finland.

  2. Awesome man. I just bought a PS3 super slim 500GB. The manufacture date is September 2014! I got really lucky. Great video!

  3. I'd suggest u get the orange box for it
    Not only does it contain half life 2 and it's 2 episodes along side the original portal but it also has Team Fortress 2 on it (the original tf2)
    The community's still active on it every once in a while so it'd be nice if u joined in the fun

  4. Machine looked decent but I'd ask about that missing cover. I had a ps3 back in 2011 and liked it. But I needed money and sold mine. I miss it.

  5. Never owned a ps3 or played many Ps3 games I skipped over it. I'll have to live that experience through your channel buddy. I haven't watched your stuff in ages your getting really good at this YouTube thing.

  6. Awesome unboxing of your PS3 and games. Drake’s fortune series is really fun to play. The Last Of Us is great also.

  7. That's a dang good deal. PS3 is creeping on the "classic" side here soon with the PS5 coming, so it's good to start collecting. Heh.

    My kid chewed on one of my joysticks and superglue did the trick to get it back in its place. Odd they would send a jacked up controller, though. Maybe theres inexpensive covers for them somewhere.

  8. This was neat to get a look at. Shame on the controller, that does seem odd that they did the covers thing over finding a replacement. Uncharted, nice! The Last of Us is so good. God of War III–wow, they put some bangers in here! This is a pretty good deal of games and console for this bundle.

  9. PS3 is a great console. So many great retro ps1 and Ps2 titles on the psn network for cheap. A couple years back I picked up two of the original release models which while all ps3s include ps1 backwards compatibility, the original ps3 'phat' models have ps2 hardware included so they play all 3 ps generations.

  10. Some decent games you got with the bundle. LoU is fantastic, Uncharted 2 is the best of the trilogy on the PS3 You should look into getting the God of War Saga which includes all previous GoW games 5 games in total.

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