NEVER cheat on a Yandere!
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Liar Liar is a cute little game about a girl who… who wants to kill her boyfriend! Its just a bit crazy but it certainly is crazy in a cute way if that makes any sense. Basically this game is about a crazy obsessed yandere girl who wants her boyfriend dead for some reason and will do anything to make sure it happens!

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21 thoughts on “CAUGHT CHEATING ON A YANDERE | LIAR LIAR – All Endings

  1. Bruh he was her boyfriend that's why he ask why she was here and said "it's not what it looks like" which is how you know you cough someone in a lie

  2. this was a old comment That YouTube deleted

    She’s…not yandere…she’s more of a yangire
    And no this is not inspired by yandere simulator
    Yandere simulator is the one “inspired” by literally every other anime
    He did every other idea from other anime’s and even stole looks of characters at times
    If this game was inspired they would say it and did they? Nope nothing at all
    Also please for the love of god look up what yangire means
    But I know you’ll not do it anyway so I’ll just say it here
    Your saying she’s a yandere but here’s the thing…
    She doesn’t love her boyfriend at all
    And that means she’s a yangire witch means a person who kills for no reason but there can be a reason but it’s never love
    And that’s what’s going on here

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