Barotrauma Updated, and the Rusted Remnants are Terrifying

Join Icy and IGP in the new update of Barotrauma, Rusted Remnants

This new update has the following things in it:

Wrecks of sunken submarines, for exploration and new missions. What will you find inside the remains of rusted old boats?

Thalamus, a brand new monster that lives inside wrecks. It’s not a monster in the traditional sense, but something else entirely – find out more in the game!

The Azimuth, a new, sleek and fast submarine to spice up your trips to the bottom of the sea.

Overcome crisis and the unrelenting pressure of a frozen ocean. In the not too distant future, where habitable places have become scarce, humanity has arrived on Jupiter’s moon. Europa with its frozen surface is a hostile environment, and life can only be found in the dark ocean beneath the ice – and the small pockets of human habitation are not the only form of life to be found there.

Play with friends in adrenaline-filled co-operative gameplay, navigate Europa’s frozen depths in single player mode and transform the game with fully integrated mod tools and Steam Workshop. Procedural levels and events ensure no two games will ever be exactly alike.
Key Features
Play as a submarine captain, engineer, mechanic, medic or security officer. Help your teammates survive, or make sure no one does.
Operate the many onboard systems of your submarine, from nuclear reactors to sonar, guns, engines and more.
Create tools, drugs and weapons with the comprehensive crafting system.
Navigate dangerous environments and flee or fight the creatures that you encounter.
Explore alien ruins and wrecked submarines to discover rare and powerful artifacts and resources.
Unleash your creativity with the submarine editor, character and procedural animation editor. Share and discover mods directly via Steam Workshop.


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46 thoughts on “Barotrauma Updated, and the Rusted Remnants are Terrifying

  1. When Icy makes a decision a smart decision I’m not even a horror movie characters make when he said don’t let that thing on it looks infected

  2. Man the amount of entertainment you give by just talking is awesome
    Came from igp, watches icy, but stayed for the quality you spread =)

  3. Hilariously, the ad I got for this was for a comic called Leviathan, which is about giant underwater sea monsters. Pretty fitting… Keep up the great work Icy!

  4. Been watching these guys for years… This is my first time watching a video on Icy's channel.
    Watching it from Icy's perspective makes soooo much more sense now… I just always thought he was an ignoramus idiot… Now, not so much… Maybe a little, but, holy cow, IGP needs to take some vitamins or something. He's a walking brainfart.

  5. Gonna be honest….your best work is the Isle….it’s time…I know you two waiting for the next content but…you two do the isle better than anyone!

  6. Chest compressions are more important than mouth to mouth when doing CPR. You can even just do chest compressions throughout the process without mouth to mouth.

  7. Freaking loved watching you play this Icy! Your upload scheduld is inconsistent, but your videos are quality! Much love! Please play this game more with IGP!!!

  8. I always love it when you and IGP have great audio edits. It really makes the video better. You guys are awesome.

  9. "not like there's anything for you to lose" lol

    I'm super curious about barotrauma, some of the campaign stuff would be awesome to see you guys play!

  10. IGP: There's someone outside, he has something weird poking out of his helmet.
    Horror movie protagonists: Quick! Someone get the hatch open!
    IcyCaress: Ha that's so weird he just disappeared.

  11. I'm not sure what you did with the sound, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I had to take my headphones off several times to check around the room cause I wasn't sure where noise was coming from. Awesome job as always!

  12. ….scream bitch SCREAM!! XD XD rip your vb still XD oh man, the first 10 seconds…if he screams, the vids a dream xxx

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