Atlas Game Update News: New Map? Server Wipe?

Get the latest Atlas Game News and Updates here! The Atlas Game developers dropped a letter today on their website explaining their plans for the future of Atlas with Monthly updates and new development team! Will there be a wipe? What about a New Map? Will the fix the freaking game already!?


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32 thoughts on “Atlas Game Update News: New Map? Server Wipe?

  1. Boohoo all the crybabies losing their islands.. quit being bitches ganging up on small companies and solo players..

  2. Aslong as there is stability added to this update I will be happy to play but 15 to 20 fps on low settings isnt fun.

  3. Just started in this game and almost hated on it because it was like ark but when i started playing dude i love it more than ark so much. I love how its easy to find your own island to settle in because ark always was too crowded and near impossible to play. I love it more than ark. sure it has flaws but they are still in dev phase and im excited.

  4. They need to take cross play off and all the bs people building and leaving it I feel you you build anything and leave it you can't build anymore until you tear the old down

  5. NA PvE, haven't been able to log in for at least 2-3 days. Verifying files…… so maybe they took it offline already.

  6. Just tried to start up the other day on pvp official had no crew on my ship on my way to Freeport had a mythical brig chase us down blow up our boat for no reason. Didn't even loot our ship just let it sink. This game needs a wipe.

  7. i played this first on xbox lost like 7 ships to glitches. i switched to pc and it’s dose run noticeably better we will just have to wait till i lose another ship 😂 i hope they fix that and not being able to shoot npcs that are on cannons and steering wheels is dumb they need to fix that but those are the only problems i’ve ever had lol i had one glitch where i got a power stone and still had my artifact key after lol i think cannons need a little nerf to

  8. As someone who has put about 1500 hours into this last server reset, raised up a company of nearly 60 members, owned some of the most valuable islands in the map, and even made a Discord just for selling islands (not a brag, just showing I'm a credible source), I have become quite familiar with Atlas and its mechanics.
    I would really have to disagree with you however concerning the trailer. The majority of the content featured in the trailer really is accurate, or has the potential to happen (building specific structures, inviting enough people, etc.). Many people say it is not accurate, but that really is untrue, it is more idealized than inaccurate.
    I would again disagree with you when you say NA PVE is dead. It really is not. Dive into the Discord communities, check popular equatorial servers, look at the EITC trade show and my Discord (Atlas Island Trading). You will find many active people there who are truly passionate about Atlas.
    Have a great day, and thank you for the video!

  9. what would make me go back to this game is a pve-pvp map like in Eve-Online middle squares with basic materials be free zone,and outer boxes with better mats pvp.

  10. If they're planning to remove PVE-only servers/gameplay, they're planning to remove a huge portion of their playerbase. Myself, I am a PVE-only player on EU PVE. It's my preferred playstyle, and many others' as well. Forcing a big chunk of your playerbase to play how YOU want instead of how they want isn't good for your game.

  11. They better hope their "New World" is done right because the first thing I'm aiming to do is put a strain on their server.

  12. Great video bud. I was actually thinking about atlas today at work then I just stumbled across your video. I can’t wait for wipe and new map but any way keep up the good work

  13. They need to fix the major bugs. I shut down my servers a month ago I had just spent hours upon hours decking out my galleon only to have it glitch out on maiden voyage between grids and lost everything. That is total BS game breaking shit

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