30B Pot W/ IRL REACTIONS – FISHY FC Frosty Flowers

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[Song + What a DISLIKE BOT looks like BELOW] Insane bets during my live stream with all the Fishy FC boys in one room (Fishy (Me) on the left, Aged (Kevin) in the middle, Starry (Ali) on the right!!! Make sure to like/sub/comment about the vid (with rsns) to be eligible for the 1b giveaway! WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED VIA YOUTUBE INBOX! CHECK TO SEE IF YOU WON 🙂

Intro song –
Dat Dislike bot –

Nguồn: https://livereference.org/

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47 thoughts on “30B Pot W/ IRL REACTIONS – FISHY FC Frosty Flowers

  1. Osrs Sl3dneck lvl114 I love the content man just Recently discovered you but I vibe with it fingers crossed hope I win it’ll be t bow time and tob ville

  2. Brooo this was intense as fuck 😂 had me on my edge when you guys won I genuinely got hella excited for you lmao. That’s literally history made. Congrats on the win! My rsn is casual op

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