1010! Tips, Cheats and Strategy (iOS/Android) [English]

Hello community,
feel free to pause the video when the texts appear. 1010! is a great but also frustrating game and so I decided to throw out a video…
Herr is some helping advice, a User gave us:
There is an advantage to removing multiple lines at once:
10 for the first line removed,
20 for the second,
30 for the third and so on.
So 5 lines removed at once gives 155 (10+20+30+40+50+5(for the piece you just place on the board)).

Let us meditate! Hmmmmm….. Oooooooommm… Hit…. That…. Ooooooooooommmmm… Like-Button… Hmmmmmmm…
Now, wasn’t that refreshing?

Download 1010! here for iOS:
And if you like for Android:

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  1. Você pode me enviar este vídeo como documento escrito para eu poder traduzir? Pois Não encontrei nenhum vídeo brasileiro igual esse. Agradeço 🙂

  2. I came here looking for advice.
    My current high score is 2000+
    My ex has like.. 16000+
    My goal is to beat her.. please help ://

  3. My name is Paul Robert English.
    On March 2nd 2018 my score was 672 million, second on the High Score board behind Gabriele 1959.
    My play rate is around 1 million points in 100 minutes. I am still on my first game. I am not the fastest player, but I’m close.

    Here is some of my strategies in the order I think they are most important.

    Two Playing Sections

    I think of the playing surface not as a 10×10 surface but as 2 sections. The first section is a 6 column section, columns 1 through 6, and a second section columns 8, 9 and 10, and I keep column 7 blank as much as possible.

    In columns 1 through 6 I solve only vertically, never horizontally. I keep column 7 blank just so horizontal solving by accident doesn’t kill the vertical play.

    A blank column 7 is the most important feature of my approach.

    In columns 8, 9, 10 I solve vertically. In row 1 of section 2 I put a horizontal 3. With this done I can wait for the 3by3 blocks to come, and after 3 of them the 3 columns disappear and I set that section up again with a horizontal 3. With the horizontal 3 in place, 6 3by3 pieces could come in a row and this plan would handle it. I have seen only 5 in a row of anything. In place of the horizontal 3, I sometimes use a horizontal 2 and a 1, and a horizontal 4 when I’m desperate about once every 10 million points or so. This horizontal for puts a bit in column 7 which must be removed shortly.

    Even when the second section has room for a 3by3, I ofter place a 3by3 in section 1, if it will complete at least 1 column. This is mostly for speed and some days it’s about half and half where the 3by3 go.

    If I have bits of pieces in column 7, usually from play in section 1, I play in such a manner as to clear column 7 within 100,000 points. It’s better to solve column 6 and leave a bit in column 7 than wait for the piece that just won’t come.

    My 2 sections approach doubled my speed and reduced the stress of near disasters. I had close calls about every 1 million points until I started the 2 section approach and now it’s more like 50 million points between close calls.

    Other strategies.

    I chose the smallest piece to complete a column 95% of the time in section 1. That creates larger spaces and more options for the following pieces.

    I often chose a larger piece if it does not complete a column.

    Although section 1 is 6 columns wide I often chose to just work on 1 column like column 3. Then tidy up a bit every so often.

    Sometimes I work all six columns. And sometimes I have a 3by3 waiting and I play the pieces in section 1 to create a spot for it even when section 2 has room for a 3by3.

    I am not certain, but it seems to me that if I delay using a piece for 50 other pieces then when I use it I expect to see a few more of them come shortly after. I don’t hang on to the 5 piece much because I don’t like them coming in bunches.

    After I have cleaned up after some 3by3 action in section 1, I hope to have 12 or less bits of pieces scattered through out that section. If I have more I tidy up as the priority and solve the columns secondarily.

    I solve the column 95 percent of the time if I can with the next piece.

    About every 50 million points I run into trouble and I have to play the Boy Howdy 1010 as a 10by10 surface solving horizontally and vertically for about 20 pieces. It is nerve wreaking and I don’t like at all. Ironically, I had one of those disasters today and I was one piece away from tapping out. I took a screen shot on my iPhone to have a record of the mess before I made a move with a 2by2. I am gunning for 700 million and then who knows, maybe a billion.

    Sometimes my brain makes a mistake like today, and sometimes my finger gets it wrong. If I play a piece in section 2, anything other than 3by3 blocks and the horizontal 3, I slow the choices down to minutes per move. There are a lot of choices that are not apparent when I play at my full speed.

    I don’t believe that solving more than one column at a time improves my scores.

    I do not treat corners in a special way.

    If my section 1 is mostly empty, which it is, I play to the middle of it

    I hope you try some of these techniques and see how it goes.

    As I write this, there are only 16 players on the High Score board that have over 100 million points. And only 48 players above 50 million. This advice I hope changes your play and I’ll see you in the top 100 player list some day. You only need 30 million if you get going soon.

    I enjoy Boy Howdy 1010.
    Paul Robert English

  4. My Tips – 1 try to only play one half of the board and leave the other half of the board for tricky pieces. as you gradually developed the second half of the board clear off the first half and keep alternating this can be top and bottom left and right or combination 2 Red fives usually come in pairs always leave an entire row or entire column. when they do come use the pair together to clear off the road and continue to do so 3 The dreaded nine box if you keep half of the board empty you'll never get jammed up and occasionally you'll get to nine boxes at the same time that's why I only play half the screen and work the other half 4 continue to look for opportunities to use the blue right angle. The green 2 x 2 square fits nicely but so does two single two boxes. 5 keep your board tidy never leave single squares floating by themselves and never clear rows with pieces that will leave jaggy edges

  5. There is an advantage to removing multiple lines at once:
    10 for the first line removed, 20 for the second, 30 for the third and so on. So 5 lines removed at once gives 155 (10+20+30+40+50+5(for the piece you just place on the board)) not 55.

    Still, I do agree with the complete lines when you can strategy.

  6. I don't have a chance to try android but on iOS there is a multiplier for multiple line clearing,

    1 line gives +10 points
    2 lines together gives +30 points instead of 20
    3 lines together gives +60 points instead of 30
    4 lines together gives +100 points instead of 40
    5 lines together gives +150 points instead of 50

    so clearing multiple lines make sense!!!!

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