★RARE 🍺 FULL SCREEN WILDS 🍺 BIG WIN | Heidis Bier Haus Slot Machine Bonus

OMG! FULL SCREEN…OF WILDS!!! Try and guess how much it paid?! TOTALLY SHOCKED! Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot Machine Bonus. If this ever happened on the prior bier haus machines, it would be worth A LOT MORE! I missed the Heidi Jackpot Progressive that hit earlier in the day on this machine! Like and comment with your thoughts! Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Slot Machine: Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot Machine by Scientific Games WMS
Denom: 1c Penny


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34 thoughts on “★RARE 🍺 FULL SCREEN WILDS 🍺 BIG WIN | Heidis Bier Haus Slot Machine Bonus

  1. I've gotten a full screen of beer for 200 and a full screen if Hans for 75, lame pays. I saw a drunk couple hit one for 5200 dollars and fighting the whole time, now that's entertainment lol

  2. Nice full screen of wilds. But it looks like the manufacturer down graded the pay table on this version of Bier Haus. Sucks! Otherwise it would've been a $600 hit if pay table was the same as the original Bier Haus. And they make you force bet an ante bet with this games, but downgrade the pay table?! That's some bullshit!

  3. I hit it for $459 today and didn't even fill up with wilds like this. This machine is indeed the devil. You might know it from sitting at the blackjack table and being annoyed by it's constant music blaring at high volume. It pays horribly, but every once and a while you can catch her slipping. I started with $300 and dropped down to $248 before I hit the bonus. I had a $2.25 bet up that I had recently dropped from $3 because she was playing her normal games (no pays, just draining bank). I managed to get 3 Purple Heidi's (wild/spins) on reels 1, 2, 3 and a bunch of Green (spins) for an initial 15 spins and then re triggered with a Purple on the 4th wheel and some more Greens for another 10 spins. 25 total spins, $459. I spun her three more times and walked out the door. That is about as good as you can expect from ole Heidi.

  4. that should've been more than 300.00, I smell ripoff completely. He should've at least got 5 or 6 hundred for that hit if not 7.

  5. Confirms I've never playing this game now. 133x on a full screen max payout? LOL. What a crock of crap!

    Original Bier Haus is one of my favorites. Bier Haus 200 is OK, but this one is crap. Hannah and Heidi prol is similar.

  6. The original version of this would NEVER have paid this little for a full screen of wilds on a $2.25 BET. I'm literally disgusted by WMS for this foolishness. Just proves why the newer WMS are shitty games and greedy selfish bastard's, but it looked nice at least I guess.

  7. I can't believe a full screen of wilds like that only paid just over 100X bet – I wouldn't ever play that slot again – we have it online here in the UK and I do my best to avoid it!

  8. $2.25 betting for full screen of wild & they only paid you $300 Dollars that's it. Wow they must paid you so little. I mean wasting your time & the betting to catching the free spin bonus I think.

  9. I have never been able to let myself put even a dollar in this game – what a washed-up version of the original. I think the music is too much as well. Congrats on the beautiful screen, though.

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  11. Fantastic Full Screen but man how was it not more???? Congrats on the super big win on the $2.25 bet!!! Yeah Buddy!!!

  12. it's pretty confusing as how the first bonus says a 3 dollar bet, but when it counts up the win it says a 1.50 bet……… do you have any idea how that is?

  13. So a full screen of wilds on a $2.25 bet only gets you to 1/4th of a handpay.
    This game is a total rip off.

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